Db1: (due wednesday) assume that you are the marketing manager for

DB1: (Due Wednesday)

Assume that you are the marketing manager for a cosmetic company that has just developed a new line of male cosmetics. The cosmetics are invisible on the skin, reduce aging lines significantly and provide some protection from the sun. Using the major segmentation variables construct a brief profile of three market segments that you suspect might be interested in this new product line. Explain your profiling procedure.

DB2: (Due Friday) Assume that your local grocery store has implemented a store service card. The card allows customers to receive special discounts and cash personal checks. Beginning with the registration process for the card and continuing through its use at the checkout stand, discuss all the types of data that could be collected and how the data could be used in building customer relationships.

Current event journal assignment u3-4

  Over the course of the class, you will be retrieving and evaluating current event articles (in the last 5 years); making connections between the units we are currently studying and today. You will be responsible for finding an online article from a reputable news source. For example: Time.com, USA Today, The New York Times, etc. Instructions: In your current event assignment, please address each of the following: • Provide a summary of the article (include source, date, important people and events, place/location). • Explain the connection to the information we studied in Units 3 and 4. o Use the following questions/prompts as a guide:  How does this current event article connect to the unit we are currently studying?  What impact did the past have on the events taking place today? Is it political, economic and/or social?  Describe specific historical events/people/documents that are involved and explain how they are involved.  What does the current event article tell us about the past?  What predictions do you have on this event affecting the future? • Provide a reflection on your personal opinions regarding the current event article and the historical event it is connected to. • Make sure to provide a hyperlink to the article (check to make sure the hyperlink works). 


Agragarian Distress & the Rise of Populism, The Reform Impulse, Roosevelt’s Reforms, Taft & Wilson 

Total environment health and safety management

One of the most important management tasks related to workplace safety is the defining of acceptable risk. What does acceptable risk mean to you?


My name is Rachel , I am from Houston, Texas, and I am studying for my BA in Occupational Safety and Health; and I have attended CSU since May 2020. Currently, I am a Traveling Dental Specialist Supervisor with a corporated company based out of California. I have been a dental assistant since 2008; in 2017, I gained an interest in learning safety when I was a lead assistant for an office. My future career goal is to work in an industry that involves environmental health and safety.

Part II:
My understanding of what an acceptable risk means is a start of a potential hazard that is manageable but as well can be risky if it gets out of control, which can be preventable with the right approach. 

Good luck you guys!

Journal entry 4-module 5 | Operations Management homework help

Journal Entry 4 – Module 5 – Chapt. 6 & 7


Journal Entry 4 – Module 5 – Chapt. 6 & 7

1. How does expectancy theory relate to follower motivation?

2. Write an elevator speech that describes the basic idea of path-goal theory (see figure 6.1).

3. Complete Case Study 6.3 and questions on pages 131 – 133.

4. In your most recent work team:

  1. What do you observe as internal and external motivators for the group members?
  2. What do you observe as motivating for the leader?

c. Does the leader appear to be “tuned in” to the members’ motivational factors?

Give an example that you have observed.

d. Do the team members motivate their leader? How?

What have you observed the group members doing to motivate the leader?

e. If you could tell your supervisor 3 things that keep you motivated on the job, what would they be?

5. Take the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire (pgs. 133-135) Summarize your results and interpret your score.

6. What is a dyadic relationship and what is the impact of high quality dyads in the workplace?

7. Read the Case Study 7.1 and respond to the questions.

8. Describe the term Leadership Making and relate the three phases of leadership making to a work relationship you may have had or observed in a workplace.

9. Complete the LMX Questionnaire on pgs 157 – 158. Report and analyze your results.

10. Read the articles on leading remotely.

A. Remote Collaboration


B. A Guide to Managing Remote Teams Effectively


a. Rank which article was most helpful.

b. Summarize in 2-3 sentences for each article the best advice from each article.

c. What challenges will you have motivating yourself and your employees in a remote work setting?

11. What are your latest leadership “Ah ha’s?”

Bus 330 week 1 quiz – a graded – best tutorial – all questions

Question 1.As social media becomes more pervasive, the relationship between marketers and consumers is changing. Which statement BEST describes the nature of this shift?

  • Corporate advertising has more influence on buying behavior.   
  • Companies that offer undifferentiated goods and services no longer compete on price.   
  • Consumers are helping companies develop and market products.   
  • Consumers have fewer opportunities to exchange ideas in traditional channels. 

Question 2.Which statement BEST describes how market research supports marketing strategy? 

  • Research is the process by which a company draws insights from its origins, history, present state, and future plans.   
  • Research requires a focus on consumer behavior.   
  • As marketers look for opportunities to meet customer needs, research resolves internal debate.   
  • Research provides information required to understand customer needs, identify target market segments, and select persuasive value propositions. 

Question 3.Lands’ End, the clothing company, offers an unconditional guarantee that reads, “If you’re not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price.” Which category of product strategy does this example illustrate? 

  • Support   
  • Branding   
  • Quality   
  • Packaging 

Question 4.The Marketing Era could be most identified with 

  • recognition that demand could be manipulated through promotional activity.   
  • the rise of market research as a discipline.   
  • the prevailing belief that “a good product will sell itself.”   
  • increasing focus on applying concepts from behavioral sciences like psychology to understand consumer motivation.   

Question 5.Which of the Four Utilities of Customer Value is a brewing company controlling when it emphasizes in its advertising that no preservatives have been used in manufacturing the brews? 

  • Time   
  • Ease of Possession   
  • Form   
  • Place 

Question 6.The American Heart Association invited people to share a short video illustrating the symptoms of a heart attack most frequently experienced by women. What type of marketing does this example BEST represent?

  • Community Idea   
  • Cause Idea   
  • Commercial Idea   
  • Communal Idea 

Question 7.What was described as the fundamental goal of marketers’ decisions surrounding branding, packaging, support, and quality? 

  • To establish the core set of benefits an offering delivers.   
  • To extend the core product’s form/function.   
  • To achieve competitive differentiation.   
  • To determine how the product can be priced. 

Question 8.When Lady Gaga released her album “Born This Way” and consumer response overwhelmed

Amazon’s servers, what aspect of the marketing process was involved? 

  • Campaign Monitoring   
  • Campaign Development   
  • Market Research   
  • Channel Adjustment 

Question 9.You have learned about the customer value equation—the relationship between the value given by a seller and the value received by a buyer in an exchange. Which of the following describes the point at which buyers perceive the relationship of value and price to be fair? 

  • When buyers perceive that the benefits delivered (quality, worth, utility) far outweigh the price paid (cost, effort).   
  • When the seller’s gain (price) is higher than the buyer’s gain (functional benefits).   
  • When buyers perceive a balance between sacrifice (price, cost, effort) and benefit received (quality, worth, utility).
  • When the buyer’s sacrifice (price, cost, effort) outweighs the benefit received (quality, worth, utility).   

Question 10.During which stage of the Product Life Cycle are sales and profit MOST stable? 

  • Maturity   
  • Growth   
  • Early Adoption   
  • Investment 

Individual assignment two linear regression and multiple regression

Question 1 (10 marks)

Baseball is a sport that generates a lot of data, which fans use to try to predict the factors that lead to successful teams. One fan compiled the team batting average and the team percentage of games won for the 14 American League teams at the end of a recent season. The presumption is that a team with a greater batting average should win more games. Supposing that these data represent a random collection of observations of these two measures, let’s explore whether batting average can predict winning percentage. The data are stored in the file Baseball.xls.

  1. Plot the data, and comment on what you observe.

  2. Find the correlation coefficient.

  3. Find the coefficient of determination R2, for this data, and interpret its meaning.

  4. Find the sample regression line, and interpret the meaning of the coefficients of your equation.

  5. Is there evidence at a 5% level of significance, that batting average can be used to predict winning percentage?



Question 2 (10 marks)


Physicians are recommending more exercise for patients, especially those who are overweight. One benefit of regular exercise is thought to be a reduction of bad cholesterol. To study the relationship, a doctor selected a sample of patients who did not do regular exercise, and measured their cholesterol level. She then started the patients on a program of exercise, and asked them to record the number of minutes per week that they exercised. After 4 months, she re-measured their cholesterol levels. The data are contained in the file Cholesterol.xls.

  1. Plot the data. Does it appear that amount of exercise and cholesterol level change is related?

  2. Determine the regression equation relating cholesterol reduction to amount of exercise, and find a 95% confidence interval for the intercept. Provide a brief and meaningful written interpretation of the coefficients and the confidence interval.

  3. Can we conclude that exercise affects the change in cholesterol level of the exerciser?

  4. How well does the linear model fit this data? Justify.



Question 3 (10 marks)


Hardwood trees are harvested in a selective manner for the manufacture of fine furniture. Environmental groups are concerned that as few trees are selected for cutting as possible while companies feel that they need a certain amount of wood for manufacturing. To help each group predict the volume of lumber in a selected tree, various measurements are made before the tree is cut. Unfortunately, volume is not easily determined before harvesting.


Two common measurements made before cutting down the tree are DBH (the diameter of the tree at breast height, 4.5 feet off the ground) and the height of the tree measured with sighting instruments. After the tree is harvested the volume of lumber may be measured.


Both groups believe that a regression model relating volume to diameter and/or height will be helpful. The data file below gives the diameters, heights, and volumes of 31 trees harvested in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.


The data are contained in the file Wood.xlsx.

  1. Estimate the two simple regression models and the multiple regression model that is appropriate for these data.

  2. Which model would you recommend that the two groups use? Why?

  3. A tree with a height of 72 and a diameter of 15.9 has just arrived at the mill. What volume can be expected?



Question 4 (10 marks)


Lotteries are important sources of revenue for governments and charities. Many people have criticized lotteries, however, as taxes on the poor and uneducated. To explore the issue, a sample of 100 adults was asked how much they spend on lottery tickets and a number of socio-economic variables. The study was meant to test the following beliefs:

I. Relatively uneducated people spend more on lotteries that do educated people.

II. Older people spend more on lotteries than do younger.

III. People with more children spend more that people with fewer.

IV. Relatively poor people spend a greater proportion of their income on lotteries that the better off.


The file Lottery.xls contains data for the 100 respondents on the amount spend on lottery tickets as a percentage of household income, number of years of education, age, number of children and personal income (in thousands of dollars).

  1. Develop a regression model relating lottery expenditures to all of the variables.

  2. Test each of the four beliefs at the 5% level using your model. What conclusions can you draw?



Question 5 (10 marks)


A large corporation was recently accused of discriminating against female managers. A random sample of 100 managers from the firm found that the mean annual salary of the 38 female managers in the sample was $76,189, and the mean annual salary of the 62 male managers was $97,832. This looks like pretty damning evidence of discrimination. The CEO of the corporation was indignant, claiming that the firm followed a strict policy of equal pay for equal work, and that maybe some other factor or factors were responsible for the perceived differences. He has asked you to look into this, and you were able to find the number of years of education and years of experience for each member of the sample. These data are contained in the file Discrimination.xls, which records the member’s gender/sex as a 0 for males and a 1 for females.

  1. Do these data taken as a whole explain a substantial amount of the variation in salaries among these managers?

  2. What is your best estimate of the systematic difference between male and female salaries?

  3. Does it appear that gender/sex is a significant factor in the differences in salary in this sample?


Research at least two articles on the topic of managerial issues of a networked organization. Write a brief synthesis and summary of the two articles. How are the topics of the two articles related? What information was relevant and why? Provide the refe

Research at least two articles on the topic of managerial issues of a networked organization. Write a brief synthesis and summary of the two articles. How are the topics of the two articles related? What information was relevant and why? Provide the refe

Fin550 week 8 homework | Business & Finance homework help

 Chapter 20: Problems 3(a-c), 5(a-c), 8(a-c), 9(a-d), and 10(a-d)


Do Not Use Online resources to get the answers a 0 will be given!!!

Make sure that you follow my requirements when submitting homework. I want to remind you all that you are required to submit one Excel file with each question clearly labeled and cells must be formatted with formula they will be checked.

Project paper assignment | Management homework help


Demonstrate knowledge about the elements of and linkages between an organization’s innovation strategy formulation and implementation;

Evaluate an organization’s innovation efforts for the purpose of providing recommendations for how a firm can improve its performance relative to its competitors;

Generate viable options to specific strategic innovation decisions; and

Formulate a strategic recommendation.

 Pursue Your Passion Technological Innovation Project:
take one of your passion project companies.  To date, you have described
the innovation (using concepts from class), explained the development of the innovation (e.g.,
why and how it was developed and its level of success) and summarized the lessons learned
from this experience.  Now, take it to the next level for the company, or a company using the
innovation.  Describe:
 the current strategy of the company,
 the challenges it faces in taking advantage of the innovation, and
 make recommendations for how it should proceed.  
For the analysis, draw from book material and focus on the external environment (chapters 2-
5), look at how the company is positioned with the innovation (chapters 6-9), and internally
how they are organized to take advantage of the current innovation or to create new
innovations (chapters 10-13).  Recommendations should address issues from any of these three
dimensions and should address current and anticipated challenges.   


  • Students will collect data to analyze their topics and to drive their reports, including secondary and primary sources (their own qualitative method if they choose).
  • The group’s research will be reported in a paper (no more than 10 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins), inclusive of descriptions, findings, interpretations, and recommendations (appendices, references, tables, do not count toward the limit).
  • Please submit the file as a Word document.
  • All reports will be assessed using Turnitin. 

Case analysis 3 | Management homework help


analyse a case relevant to the issues for DataClear.

Required Materials

Bruner, R. F., & Hare, K. (2017). The panic of 2008 and Brexit: Regional integration versus nationalism. Ivey Business Publishing


  • Review readings from unit 1.
  • Thoroughly read the case. It is recommended that you read 2-3 times.
  • Prepare a 5-page report (12-point font, double spaced not including the title page or reference page), that addresses the following questions:
  1. Why is the Brexit vote significant both within the UK and globally?
  2. What are the potential implications for the Brexit vote in relation to Canada’s relationship with the EU and the UK?
  3. What are the key challenges facing leadership in the UK in light of the Brexit vote?


A case study is a detailed investigation of a single individual or group. Case studies are a common method of business research and business education. They are often used in business education courses to give students insights into real-world application of theories, to demonstrate how an organization deals with difficult issues and problems, and to explore business issues as illustrated in a particular situation.

A case study has the advantage that it gives the reader a holistic view of an organization at work. This often differs from theoretical business and social science research that tends to focus on a single set of phenomena. As the case study intends to demonstrate a particular principle, it may be a story about a true business organization, or a fictitious story created from a collection of real companies.

The case study method is also a research methodology. By examining a single case, the researcher may seek to illustrate the actions of atypical or outlier occurrences. Or the researcher may examine several organizations that may show similar results. In either circumstance, the researcher is seeking generalizable findings that may support or contradict theory.

In this unit, you will read about case study methodology in business learning. Specifically, the first reading outlines how to best approach a case, while the second outlines how to best prepare a case analysis report. In this course, for each of the 5 topics being studied, you will analyze a case and prepare a report.