1 3 How Many Exons Does The Arabidopsis Thaliana Cal Gene Have

1 3. How many exons does the Arabidopsis thaliana CAL gene have? 8 4. What stock name would you use to order seeds from the TAIR stock center of the double mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana (ap-1, cal-1)? CS6161 5. What are the three codon sequences for Leucine, Tryptophan and Translation STOP in Arabidopsis thaliana? 6. Why does Arabidopsis thaliana have 7 genome sequences? It shows us the different chromosomes (1-5) and the plastid and mitochondrion sequences 7. What gene, besides CAULIFLOWER, frequently appears in the sequences with the highest matches to CAL of Arabidopsis thaliana? APETALA1 8. Under the description of the MADS domain it states that it “binds DNA and exists as hetero and homo-dimers” (NCBI). What can this tell us about a protein containing a MADS box domain?

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