1 Https Www Youtube Com User Armageddonletters Watch Who Cares About The Cuban

1 – https://www.youtube.com/user/armageddonletters

Watch ‘Who cares about the Cuban Missle Crisis’ and then Watch ‘Be Castro, ‘Be Krushchev’ and ‘Be Kennedy’.

What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why should we care about the Cuban Missile Crisis? Using evidence from the clip address why should we be concerned about the personalities, upbringing and experiences of political leaders.

2-explain one page Why did President Johnson decide to expand America’s commitment in Vietnam into a full-scale war? Why was an American military victory in Vietnam so difficult, if not impossible, to obtain? What were the United States’ strategic problems in the war?Why was the Tet offensive a critical turning point in the Vietnam War? Should it have been such an important turning point? Why or why not?

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