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Article Review and Summary

I would like you to search and find a contemporary peer-reviewed research article on a topic, concept, or idea that is related to criminal justice management and/or organizations and presented in Module 3. By contemporary, I mean no older than 2015. The article needs to be “peer reviewed” and needs to be a “research” article. Books, law review articles, and literature reviews do not count – it needs to be original research. 

Your summary should include: 1) a summary of the thesis statement/research question; 2) background (includes summary of issue: why it is important); 3) summary of the methods/analysis/findings; 4) conclusions (including any notable next-steps, limitations, or any other pertinent information); and, 5) your critique. A proper review should be about 2 double spaced pages in length. Be sure to cite properly and provide a reference section following APA standards.