2019 psy 635 week 4 quiz / psy635 week 4 quiz


PSY 635 Week 4 Quiz

Qualitative Research Quiz

A person through whom a researcher gains access to a group, community, or organization is known as a(n) _____.

A defining feature of _____ is that this method always aims to uncover previously unquestioned assumptions about the nature of the world and reality and to consider the possible consequences of these assumptions.

Discourse analysis is a _____ approach, which means that it works on the premise that the use of language allows people to negotiate meanings and bring concepts into reality.

Using more than one method to verify findings is called _____.

Grounded theory studies often use a sampling strategy that continues to develop throughout the analysis, which is called _____.

A characteristic of _____ is resistance to pre-existing knowledge.

Qualitative researchers use _____ to capture ideas, interpretations, and responses to the data during the study.

Grounded theory uses data collection techniques from another qualitative research method, _____.

The sampling strategy in which the researcher recruits people who are easy to reach is called _____.

The _____ approach to narrative analysis uses rich descriptions of people in their accustomed surroundings.