Discussion-performance meeting appraisal checklist | Human Resource Management homework help

Discussion-Performance Meeting Appraisal Checklist

Performance Meeting Appraisal Checklist

This discussion assignment is as follows: Review exhibit 8.3 Performance Meeting Appraisal Checklist (p.197)   Assume you are the employee being evaluated using this checklist. Select two items from the list which you find important for your own personal growth and development and provide a brief rational for your choices incorporating examples from current or previous work experiences where appropriate. Please submit your 1-2 paragraph response by Tuesday11:59 pm

Scenario for advanced issues in risk management


You work for the IT organization in an American company that owns and manages five family-oriented theme parks under a well known brand in the Midwest. The flagship, original park is situated on a stunning 6,000 acre lot on a hill overlooking a large, beautiful lake.

You have been working in the company as a software developer, and you have had some success on projects involving migrating software to new versions, moving to cloud services, and addressing difficult technical issues in a variety of technology areas in the company. Most important, you are becoming known for your “people” skills, dealing well with emotional customers under stressful situations. You don’t really know what that means. After all, you are just doing your job. You have a reasonable expectation that in the next few years, you will be promoted to oversee a team of developers in the data center.

One day in late February you are called in to a meeting with the CIO for the company (your boss’s boss). It is a little alarming because you have never had a conversation with this lady, only saying “Hi” to her as she passed by in the hallway. You are then pleased to learn that she has heard good things about your work, and surprised when she assigns you to be the project manager for a project aimed at building a mobile application to help the park customers get directions in real time to the various thrill rides and get an estimated number of minutes they might have to wait in line to take each ride. She hints that if you do well, you will be on a management fast track.

The CIO is very excited about the new app, in large part because other theme parks, like Hersheypark, Busch Gardens and Disneyworld have already started to work on their own mobile apps. The potential downside of this assignment is that she does not say you are able to work full time on the project. Apparently your current work on other projects and service issues continues. It’s your problem, not hers.

The CIO wants to make a big splash by unveiling the new mobile app on the opening day for all five theme parks, which is always scheduled on Mother’s Day, May 11. The CIO does not seem to be too worried abut the short time to implementation. She tells you that she has already identified a small firm in Palo Alto, in southern California. Turns out the head of the firm was a mentor for her when she started her career after attending Stanford University. “This is a pretty straightforward turn-key application,” she says casually.

ASSIGNMENT: Identify three risks, then describe mitigation measures you would take to prevent each risk from occurring (or lessening their impact). Use at least 200 words for each risk.

Risk 1

[Insert Name of Risk]

[Insert Category: Scope, Resource or Schedule]

[Insert Mitigation measure(s)]

Risk 2

[Insert Name of Risk]

[Insert Category: Scope, Resource or Schedule]

[Insert Mitigation measure(s)]

Risk 3

[Insert Name of Risk]

[Insert Category: Scope, Resource or Schedule]

[Insert Mitigation measure(s)]

Write a 5 page essay paper on the “kingdom of mali” see attached


Your essay should be no less than 5 double-spaced typed pages in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides. It can be longer, however, Title, Bibliography, and Works Cited pages are not part of the required page count.

The formatting of the essay and all citations need to follow Chicago Manual of Style format. Chicago is the citation and bibliographic style used by historians. Click on the website links below for Chicago-style guides and examples of humanities and author-date citation styles. You may use either humanities or author-date citation styles but use only one of these styles in your work. The author-date citation style is very close to MLA and APA styles. A modified MLA or APA format that provides page numbers from a hard copy of the textbook may be allowed. Check with your instructor. If you are using an e-book version of the textbook, identify passages by citing the chapter, section, and paragraph number.

The website below opens with examples in Notes and Bibliography style (a note [N], followed by a bibliographic entry [B]). If you click on the tab the page will show Author-Date style (an in-text citation [T], followed by a reference-list entry

6 short questions | Criminal homework help



Which would you be more afraid of if you were caught by the police while shoplifting: receiving criminal punishment or having to face the contempt of your friends or relatives?


Discuss how a person’s moral development influences their risk of committing crime. Using a search engine such as “Google” search for “Cesare Lombroso”. How were Lombroso’s beliefs viewed during his time? What impact did his theory have on changing beliefs about the causes of criminality? How are they viewed today?


Discuss the relationship between Institutional Anomie Theory and crime. If one is a member of the lower class, does it predispose that person to a life of crime?


If negative labels are damaging, do positive ones help insulate children from crime-producing forces in their environment? If criminal behavior is learned, who taught the first criminal?


Discuss, in general detail, how the ideas of Karl Marx are reflected in the views of many contemporary critical criminologists?

Could you design a program for recreational drug users applying the Restorative Model, and what would it be?


Do you think that marriage is different than merely being in love? The McCarthy and Casey research discussed earlier indicates that having a romantic relationship may help reduce crime; if so, what happens when the couple breaks up? Does that increase the likelihood of criminal involvement?

Final project milestone two: technology solutions and recommendations | IT- 210 | Southern New Hampshire University


Guidelines for Submission: Your rough draft should be 3–4 pages in length and should follow APA formatting, including double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

Assignment: You work for Nordstrom Rack a small brick-and-mortar business.

The owner of your business wants to focus on generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the company to integrate new technology. 

To gain an understanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked you to:

Create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, you will clearly introduce the problem that your business is facing.

Then, you will determine the business requirements for solving that problem, including the requirements that any new technology needs to meet.

The goal in the project is to establish an e-commerce presence, but you must improve the current technology first. 

Use the Decision Matrix document as you conduct your research for assistance organizing your thoughts. (You will submit the completed decision matrix in Milestone Two.) For additional resources on developing the decision matrix, refer to:

· Decision Matrix Example: Use this resource to view an example of a completed decision matrix (see attachment).

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Technology Solutions: In this section, you will discuss how each of the two technologies meets the technology requirements that you identified in section II. Use your decision matrix to guide your responses. 

A. Technology One: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps. 

B. Technology Two: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps. 

V. Recommendations: In this section, you will recommend the technology solution that you believe is most appropriate for your business based on how well each technology meets your business’s technology requirements. 

A. Recommend a technology solution for your business, and defend why that solution is appropriate. You could recommend only one technology, or you could recommend any combination of the two that you investigated. 

B. Explain the overall benefit of your recommended technology solution to your business. Consider the following: i. How will it enhance efficiency? ii. How will it position your business for future growth as you move online? 

Lastly, submit the decision matrix that you used for your research.

Also please see Final Project 1 to assist with Final Project 2

Assignment: assessment in family-owned businesses (fobs)


Family-owned businesses can come with a unique set of considerations. Family members who work with each other must also consider their familial relationships, which can complicate issues that may be more straightforward in a non-family-owned business. As an OD consultant, it is imperative that you understand and are sensitive to the roles that family members may play in supporting the organization. You should also gain an understanding of family systems theory.

In this Assignment you will examine the similarities and differences between family-owned and non-family-owned businesses and how these differences may influence your ability to understand organizational issues.

To prepare:

Watch the video about family-owned businesses titled Family Businesses Are Here to Stay, and Thrive. Consider the similarities and differences between family owned businesses and traditional (non-family owned) businesses.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3- page paper written in APA format and style, that discusses the following:

  • The similarities and differences of making informed assessment in traditional (non-family owned) and family-owned businesses (FOBs)
  • Factors within family-owned businesses that are different from traditional businesses, and how these could impact the OD’s ability to effectively assess and evaluate issues
  • The role of family systems theory in consulting for FOBs

Fix paragraph to apa format

Step 1: Select one paragraph from the Social Change excerpt to edit. This document is found in the Learning Resources. 

Step 2: Referring to Chapter 8 and 9 of the APA Publication Manual, revise the paragraph in correct APA format, rewriting the citations, quotations, and references as necessary. Use the references listed for your paragraph number as your citation sources. 

Step 3: For this Discussion, the references for each paragraph are listed in the Social Change excerpt. These references are not in correct APA format. Using the information from Chapter 10 of the APA Publication Manual, put the references for your paragraph in correct APA format.

Discussion 1 – 4 | Human Resource Management homework help

Read and answer the question at the end of each Discussion, IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

There are 2 short Discussion Topics

When answering the questions, answer them within the the paragraphs.

DO NOT just answer the questions.

Answers HAVE to be, NO LESS, than 100 words. 


The 4th Discussion is a Case Study. 

Answer the questions at the end of the reading within your writing. DO NOT just answer the questions. 

This case study has to be in your own words.

It CAN NOT be less than 100 words.


Corrigan enterprises is studying the acquisition of two electrical

Corrigan Enterprises is studying the acquisition of two electrical component insertion systems for production its sole product, the universal gismo. Data relevant to the system follow;
Model no. 6754:
Variable costs, $16.00 per unit
Annual fixed costs, $985,600

Model no. 4399:
Variable costs, $12.80 per unit
Annual fixed costs, $1,113,600

Corrigan’s selling price is $64 per unit for the universal gismo, which is subject to a 5 percent sales commission. (In the following requirements, ignore income taxes.)
1. How many units must the company sell to break even if Model 6754 is selected?
2. Which of the two systems would be more profitable if sales and production are expected to average 46,000 units per year?
3. Assume Model 4399 requires the purchase of additional equipment that is not reflected in the preceding figures. The equipment will cost 450,000 and will be depreciated over a five year life by the straight line method. How many units must Corrigan sell to earn 956,400 of income in Model 4399 is selected? As in requirement (2) sales and production are expected to average 46,000 units per year.
4. Ignoring the information presented in requirement (3) at what volume level will management be indifferent between the acquisition of Model 6754 and Model 4399? In other words, at what volume level will the annual total cost of each system be equal? (Hint: At any given sales volume, sales commissions will be the same amount regardless of which model is selected.)

Discussion question 4: ethics | Business & Finance homework help

The safe disposal of nuclear waste has been the topic of continuing public debate and an ongoing issue for marketers who work for nuclear power companies. This material is currently stored at 126 sites around the nation. The U.S. Department of Energy must apply for and obtain a license. Supporters of such sites argue that they are important to building America’s nuclear power capacity, while critics question their safety and usefulness.

As a marketer, how would you approach this issue?

How does the socio-cultural environment influence marketing this subject?

Do you see any ethical issues conflicting with your role as the marketer working for the nuclear power companies?