Discussion and research paper | Disaster Recovery


Assume  that you have been hired by a small veterinary practice to help them  prepare a contingency planning document. The practice has a small LAN  with four computers and Internet access. Prepare a list of threat  categories and the associated business impact for each. Identify  preventive measures for each type of threat category. Include at least  one major disaster in the plan.   ***Standard for all discussion posts:   Please make your initial post and two response posts substantive. A substantive post will do at least two of the following:    

  • Ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic 
  • Answer a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor 
  • Provide extensive additional information on the topic 
  • Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail 
  • Share an applicable personal experience 
  • Provide  an outside source (for example, an article from the UC Library) that  applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic  or the source (please cite properly in APA 7) 
  • Make an argument concerning the topic 

At  least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion  thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources  from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.  


Research paper :

  Select  a major organization that was located with a major natural disaster  area, such as the Hurricane Katrina disaster area.  Research their  experiences and prepare a report detailing the unexpected challenges the  organization encountered in returning their operations to normal. Give  suggestions on what might be added to the organization’s contingency  plan to mitigate those unexpected challenges.     ***Standard for all Research Assignments   Your paper should meet the following requirements:   

  • Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.
  • Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
  • Support  your answers with the readings from the course and at least two  scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and  observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great  place to find resources.
  • Be  clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar  and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of  your writing.

Ba 2500 mod 2 assignment 2

 Instructions:In Module 2, we learned that all products go through a Product Life Cycle, and that marketing decisions are influenced by which stage the product is in. 

  1. Create a visual deliverable of your choice (infographic, PowerPoint, video, etc.) which communicates the information below. 
    1. What is the Product Life Cycle? What value is this to marketers?
    2. Explain the four stages of the product life cycle.
    3. Describe how which stage of the product life cycle a product is in influences a firm’s decisions relating to:
      • Product
      • Price 
      • Promotion
      • Place (Distribution)
  2. Prepare a brief written document (less than a page) which reflects upon the product you discussed in Module 2 Assignment 1:
    • Which stage of the product life cycle do you think your selected product is currently in? Explain why.
    • How can marketers extend the life of their product beyond its current stage? What specifically should they consider doing when it comes to product, price, promotion, and place?

Stem | Education homework help

 Based on research consider the ethical rationale for and against using genetic technologies to perfect human beings. Which aligns best with your own moral compass? What are at least 3 specific principles taken from ethical systems this term that conflict with your point of view. What is your role as a STEM professional in ensuring ethical use of these technologies? 

The impact and importance of the legislative process

The Impact and Importance of the Legislative Process

Congressional leaders are voted into office through general elections. For this reason, legislation is heavily impacted by social movements and public opinion. Lobbyists, citizens, religious leaders, or interest groups attempt to sway congressional votes on bills. Any number of current events, ideological shifts, demographic trends, or other movements may help or hinder the passage of certain bills in Congress. Likewise, bills passed by Congress may institute sweeping changes in public policy. Understanding the complicated nature of the legislative process and its impact on policy shifts and trends will help you become a more astute legal researcher in the area of statutory law.

Statutory research is the process of finding statutory law that answers a legal question. In past years, the role of statutory law in a legal researcher’s work was frequently overshadowed by case law and appellate decisions. However, as legislatures become more active in law making, their statutes add considerable legal authority and potential research material to existing case law and common law principles. Today, it is common for appellate decisions to involve the application of statutes.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the assigned pages of Chapter 2 in your course text, Legal Research Methods, and Chapter 4 in your course text, Principles of Legal Research. Focus on the federal legislative process.


With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 an explanation of how the legislative process impacts policy shifts and trends. Then explain the importance of understanding the legislative process for legal research. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Res


Create a public health office- 10 pages, intro, conclusion, 12


Please read below statement: IMPORTANT




 As you have learned, public health can be a dynamic force in a population if it is utilized correctly and managed appropriately. Using the information below, your final project is to create a public health system to serve the population given. You are the head of this new office and are able to establish your mission, vision, and values statements. You also are in charge of creating relationships, assessing community needs, and implementing plans that will make a difference. You will be given a total budget, but information on the community, what health entities currently exist, and key stakeholders in the community is your reasonability to find. 


Areas that Must Be Addressed:

  • The relationship you will establish between your office and the state public health agencies.
  • The relationship and assistance you will provide to local healthcare providers.
  • Public safety programs you will create.
  • Human service and charity organizations you will create or engage.
  • Education and youth development organizations you will create or engage.
  • Recreation and arts-related organizations you will create or engage.
  • Economic and philanthropic organizations you will create or engage.
  • Environmental agencies and organizations you will create or engage.
  • How your budget was allocated.
  • Challenges in setting up and running an office for this population.

 Your population is located in Central Illinois and within a township called Pembroke. Its largest village is known as Hopkins Park and is where your new public health office will be located. To start you on your research I have provided some links below to help you obtain some of the needed information regarding your new population: 




Areas of note:

  • Hopkins Park does not have a zip code, so it does not qualify for many federal grants or funds, see the link listed here (Links to an external site.).
    • Pembroke Township does have a zip code but much of that funding has been allocated to unincorporated villages tied to the township. Perhaps you can utilize this information to your office’s advantage.
  • Crime and drug use statistics stopped being collected and/or reported in the year 2003, so you will have to estimate these rates from the final years of collection and the current size of the population. If this is a problem area you will certainly want to address it in your office.
  • There are no hospitals or clinics currently in Pembroke Township; with the nearest hospital to Hopkins Park is located 14 miles away in the town of Kankakee, Illinois.
  • There are no food vendors (grocery stores, farmers markets, etc.) within Hopkins Park. The only source of packaged food within 5 miles is a CITGO gas station just outside of town that frequently closes, changes management, and does not stock any fresh foods or produce.
  • Many of the homes do not have running water or natural gas heating. Water is often drawn up from privately dug wells and heat is provided from burning wood and other materials.
  • As a small positive, if you can call it that, Pembroke Township and Hopkins Park have been featured in several exposes and documentaries in the past for being one of the poorest communities in the United States. The most famous of the documentaries being a visit from media mogul Oprah Winfrey. You can find many of the other videos on Pembroke and Hopkins Park on YouTube. 

Your total budget for this office is $200,000 for the year. That must cover not only your, and any employees you hire, salaries, but also your planned interventions, accreditations you are seeking, health professionals you may bring in, etc. The office itself should be considered as built and stocked with the needed supplies (desks, computers, etc.) for you to conduct your work. Your goal is to create the largest and most long-term positive health impact for the whole population served.


Use the above bullets from the Areas that Must be Addressed list as your outline.  


  • The responses to these questions should be placed in paragraph form, not simply listed as bullets. You need to demonstrate that you can collect, compile, and present a broad array of information in a narrative form

Technologies | Applied Sciences homework help


Research emerging communication technologies that are being used in, or could be used in, health care.

Choose 3 of these technologies.

Create a 1-page guide for each technology that explains the best practices for using the new technology that could be given to employees at a hospital. The guide can include visuals. You may use this optional template in your guide creation. Complete the following in your guide:

  • Describe the new communication technology and how to use it.
  • Discuss the main benefits of the new communication technology and why people and organizations in the health care industry are using it.
  • List best practices for leveraging the new communication technology.
  • List things to avoid when using the new communication technology.
  • Discuss potential privacy issues important to the health care industry that could be impacted using the new communication technology.
  • Include a brief summary of how the technology compares to other communication technologies.

Social insurance programs discussion 3.2


Discussion Question #2 is comprised of three parts. There are a number of reasons that Unemployment Compensation payments may be denied to an applicant because of some type of disqualification. Read each of the attached fact patterns and discuss whether the applicant should be approved or denied for unemployment insurance. State the reasons for your responses.  (A 1-page response is required for the combination of Parts A, B, and C.)  If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your responses and document in a bibliography using APA style 


Part A

Sylvia Jones works for Micron Electronics,   where she is a secretary for the VP of Marketing. Sylvia has been employed for three years when she decides that she no longer wants to work for Micron.   She tenders her resignation and immediately files an application for unemployment benefits. Should she collect? (7 points)

Part B

Bill Jones was an accountant with Argon   Industries, where he was responsible for preparing the month-end accounting reports for the senior management group. In response to the urging of his manager, Bill changes some line items on the income statement to reflect increased income for the quarter. As a result of a subsequent audit, the matter is uncovered, and Bill is fired. Can he collect unemployment insurance? (7 points)


Part C

Mary Peters has functioned as the VP of   Human Resources for Data Management, Inc. The company has recently been acquired by Data First Corporation. As a result of the merger, Mary’s job has become redundant, and she has been terminated. Part of her agreement provides her with six months severance. Can Mary collect unemployment insurance? (6   points)

It492 week 2 assignment | Computer Science homework help


Describe how organizational culture is related to project management. What type of culture promotes a strong project environment? Please give a specific example.


You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 200 words.To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation. Your response will be reviewed by Unicheck, the plagiarism tool synced to Canvas.

Community needs assessment plan, priorities, timelines, and


Continue to work on your community needs assessment plan. You will begin by re-visiting the top five strategies you prioritized in the Week 4 Discussion. The process of prioritizing strategies is iterative. As you work with your team and become more knowledgeable about the social problem, you may need to adjust your priorities. 

Estimate how much time it would take to carry out the plan. Think about how long it will take to assemble and meet with your team, implement the strategies that you prioritized, and achieve the goals that you defined. In addition, be sure that your estimation accounts for any obstacles or delays that might occur. Finally, select a decision-making protocol that would use to reach consensus when meeting with the team. It is important to have a protocol in place ahead of time and to communicate the protocol to team members to avoid unnecessary confusion as decisions arise. It is also important to use a protocol that  comfortable with.

To Prepare

Consider how long it would take to carry out the community needs assessment plan. Take into account how long it will take to assemble and meet with your team, implement the strategies you prioritized, achieve the goals that defined, and overcome any obstacles or delays that might occur.

Review the Learning Resources on decision-making protocols. Think about which protocol you would use with your team if you carried out the community needs assessment.

Refine the Problem Statement. Refine your problem statement, based on what you learned from your peers, your Instructor, and/or the Learning Resources this week and in previous weeks.

Develop a Team Strategy. Normally, after you have identified a project team, you would meet with the team and collaborate on the items listed below. In this case, since you are only planning the community needs assessment, you will address these items yourself rather than with a team.

Describe the top five strategies that you would prioritize to address the problem and prevent its recurrence. Explain your reasoning for prioritizing the strategies, including how the time and resources it would take to implement each influenced your decision making. Be sure to incorporate any feedback you received from your peers and/or your Instructor during the Week 4 Discussion, if applicable. 

If you were to conduct this assessment, what is your estimation of the amount of time it would take to carry it out and why?

Describe the proposed decision-making protocol (e.g., majority vote, priority- based decision making) that you would use to reach a consensus among team members if you carried out the community needs assessment. Explain why you selected this protocol. 

Assignment: analyzing possible violations of academic integrity

Now that you have studied Walden’s policy on academic integrity and learned about different types of plagiarism, you will apply this knowledge when analyzing possible violations of academic integrity. This exercise will help you begin developing your skills of recognizing violations of academic integrity.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Think about Walden’s policy on academic integrity, and review the other resources from Week 1.

The Assignment:

Compose a two-paragraph essay in which you examine possible violations of Walden’s academic integrity policy. Study the two scenarios below, and explain in your own words whether violations of Walden’s policy occurred. Organize your paper by writing one paragraph for each scenario. You are not required to integrate sources in your paper. However, if you do use source material, please do your best to cite it properly, per APA style. You will work on developing your citation skills in the coming weeks.

  • Student A was told by his instructor that half of his essay matched a paper previously submitted in a Walden course. Did the student violate Walden’s academic integrity policy?
  • Student B used plagiarism-detection software called SafeAssign to check for accidental plagiarism. The student found a 30% match with source material. Did the student violate Walden’s academic integrity policy?

By Day 7

Submit your Assignment. Please use the Walden Course Paper template when formatting your paper. The template can be found in the Week 1 Resources. Assignments submitted without using the Course Paper template may not be accepted by your Instructor. Finally, make sure to use SafeAssign to screen your work before submitting it for Instructor review. A SafeAssign tutorial can be found in the Week 1 Resources.