2 0 Role Of Accounting Information In Managerial Decision Making And Itslimitations

Financial performance evaluation of Pink Ltd Sales revenue: Role of accounting information in managerial decision making and its limitations:
2.0 Role of accounting information in managerial decision making and itslimitations:
The accounting information comprises of diversified segments of the financial transactions as conducted by the concerned organisation. Therefore, prompt delivery of suitable and necessary accounting information could be beneficial for the organisation to conduct effective financial management practices. In addition,Cotter et al. (2009) segregated the accounting information into the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement that enables the organisation to judge different spheres of the organisation. Managers of an organisation have benefited from the different accounting information while tending to make decision regarding the organisation.



2 1 Literature On The Current Issues Of The Chosen Organization Company S Industry 2

2.1Literature on the current issues of the chosen organization/company’s industry 2.1.1 Background of your chosen company Mention about the chosen company and the industry of your chosen company – 4-5 lines. 2.1.2 The current issues of your chosen company’s industry You can use bullet points to identify each issue and explain it (each point) in detail. *** The issues must be relevant to marketing communications. 2.2Literature on best marketing communications practices Review the Literature on best marketing communications practices (e.g. effective marketing communication strategies) that have been/are/were successfully implemented by the industry of your chosen company’s industry. Feel free to use bullet points/create subheadings. 2.3Key marketing communications concepts, theories and/or models Review key marketing communications concepts, theories and/or models that are relevant and/or can be applicable to the case project/organization You’re required to review SWOT Analysis, and other marketing communications concepts, theories and/or models. 2.4 Summary Summarise sections 2.1-2.3: the length should be 5-10% of the total word count Feel free to use bullet points/create subheadings. References3.1 Outline/overview of the research methodology Discuss about primary and secondary data and mention that the secondary data will be used in this research – the reasons of this selection is NOT required to explain.) 3.2 Case organisation description, background and context Describe the case organisation, its background, and industry 3.3 Review current Strategic Marketing Communications Plan of case organisation or strategic goals as defined by interviewing key managers and/or theorganisation’s annual report (or other reports e.g. media release, sustainability report), Marketing Communications audits or other source documents 3.4 Use SWOT analysis to analyse the chosen case project/organisation 3.5 Other observations (if applicable) 3.6 Summary



2 12 5 Points A B L S T S T A B Andsis A Substring Oft As

2\. (12.5 points).?= {a,b,#} L = {s#t:s,t?{a,b}+, andsis a substring oft}. As examples,ba#ba?L;abab??L;bb#aaaabba?L;bb#aaa??L. Use the CFL pumping theorem to prove that L??CFLs, following these guidelines carefully.

• Start by expressingwin terms of k, the pumping length, and the symbols inS. The other requirements are thatw?L, and |w|=k.

• For all possible values ofvandy, generatew’fromwby pumping in or out, and convince me that w’??L. If you pump in, state how many times.

• Never propose literal values forw,v,y, |w|, |v|, |y|, or k. For example, statements like “let k =3” are not allowed, and you cannot assume that |v| = 1.

• Formulas foru,x, andz, the non-pumpable parts ofw, are rarely useful. Do not use them in this proof.

• End with a conclusion convincing me that your proof shows that L??CFLs.



2 8 Vector Components For A Crane Boom Section 1 4 Shown Right Is A Crane Whose Cab

2.8 &Vector components for a crane-boom. (Section 1.4) Shown right is a crane whose cab A supports a boom B that swings a wrecking ball Co i Jare right-handed orthogonal unit vectors with i horizontally-right, j vertically- upward, and k perpendicular to the plane con- taining points Ng. Ap. Be.Co Draw each position vector listed below and then use your knowledge of sine/cosine to re- solve these vectors into i and j components. A’s position vector fromm N AN Be’s position vector from Ap Re/Ap- C,’s position vector from Bee Be’s position vector from N, FRI N,’s position vector from C FN 2.9 Dot products and distance calculations. Show work (Section 2.10) Shown right is a crane whose cab A sup- ports a boom B that swings a wrecking ball Co. To prevent the wrecking ball from hitting a car at point No. the distance be- tween No and the tip of the boom (point y Be) must be controlled. To start this problem, express Bc’s posi- tion vector from No in terms of x. LB, and the unit vectors n, and b (a) Without resolving f Be/No into n, and n, components (done in the next step), use equation (2.4) and the distributive property to calculate the distance between No and Be in terms of z. Ln 0n· Then calculate its numerical value when r-20 m, LB-10 m. ?? = Result: (If necessary, conuplete the footnote hint below) Distance betweeu N, and Be: FBeN – 29.1 nm (b) Two colleagues are confused by your use of mized-bases vectors (ie,.i + Lgb,), and ask you to verify B’s position vector from No can be expressed in the uniform-basis as shown below. Use this uniform-basis expression to verify your previous result for jehe/N Note: This inelicient uniform-basis approach requires the simplifying trigosometric ileatity sin(0a) + co(0a)-1. Result: rBe/x,-Ir +11, cos(0B)]h, +Ly sin(@p)i, lise / N.1 sinpasm to previous msull. (c) Optional: Calculate the distance between No and Co in ternus of r, Lp, Lc. 0B. and 8c Hist: Use the distributive property to express FDe/N. Fe/N in terms of a. Lm, and i. b, Next, “se the dot-product definition in equatica’ (22) to calculate u..6. “ and theu rewrite Note The ditribeative property for vector dus-multiplication b(6+6) (+d)-aead+bebd 167 Homework 2 Vertrs with as



what is the cost analysis, for various ways this scandal has cost


Currently, the NCAA is besieged with multiple lawsuits, governmental scrutiny, and academic and other controversies. Create a presentation about a recent (within the last two years) NCAA scandal and discuss what the scandal has cost the institution. There are various forms of costs, the obvious being financial (donations, enrollment numbers, television contracts, fines, legal fees, etc.). However, costs are also found in other forms such as loss of prestige, reputation, and competitiveness. In your cost analysis, discuss the various ways this scandal has cost the institution.

Be sure to include a synopsis of the scandal and when it occurred. Discuss any financial costs that have occurred due to the scandal. Additionally, analyze any other costs that maybe associated to that scandal. Areas to consider include whether there have been a decrease in donations, season ticket sales, and enrollment numbers. If there have been any firings and alumni speaking out against the institution, these can also be an indication of costs. Use scholarly resources to support your position.

2 A Competitive Industry Has 12 Identical Firms Each One Has A Total Variable Cost F

2\. A competitive industry has 12 identical firms, each one has a total variable cost function TVC(a) 402 and a marginal cost function MC(a) 40+q, the firm’s fixed cost.s are entirely non-sunk (that is, must be paid only if q >0) and equal to 50. (a) Calculate the price below which the firm will produce q 0. (b) The market demand is QD(p) 360-2p. What is the short-run equilibrium price and quantity supplied by each firm? Calculate each firm’s proft (c) Suppose demand does not change in the long run, and the cost function are the same too. What is the long-run equilibrium price and quantity? How many firms will be in the industry?