5+3 minutes about a specific company on its business journey, swot,


Powerpoint presentation

Company: Lufax

5+3 minutes about a specific company on its business journey, SWOT, five forces.

Presentation must cover – on your slides and orally – some explanation of the company’s business journey/background, market positioning and share (against other market players), current products/services, profit model, as well as a SWOT or a five-factor analysis of the company.


•To create the bare bones of your content efficiently, you can seek online or via other sources, the company’s business reports or studies from other organisations about the company.

•Your analysis result must sit well with the company’s business journey/background and current status. For instance, suggesting a robo-advisory service to move their major clientele from mass market to institutional investors can appear counter-intuitive as the idea acts against what therobo-advisory service is set up for and advantageous in. But, of course, if you can justify it with strong evidence and arguments, the idea can then become valid and be taken on board.

•Each point you make in your presentation must be presented alongside supporting evidence that is well-referenced and documented. Any evidence without proof of existence and validity will be discarded by your audience.

Weighting Assessment Criteria:

10% – The company’s business journey/background.

20% – Market positioning and share (against other market players)

20% – Current products/services

10% – Profit model

30% – SWOT or five factors

10%Presentation skills

The company’s products include peer to peer (P2P) lending services and wealth management products. Ping An Insurance company chose P2P lending because the services are the backbone of investment banking, commercial banking and consumer lending services for organizations and individuals. The company earns by matching investors with borrowers at a 4% fee on each loan.

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