6ssmn961: applied economics data analysis using stata software urgent

(University of London)
King’s Business School
Problem Set 3
Hand-in instructions:
The file that you upload on KEATS should contain two parts:
• Short written answers to the questions
• The Stata output in pdf format
You can merge two pdf files using Acrobat Professional or an online pdf merger.
You should name the file with your student number as follows: Studentnumber.pdf. This
is very important to ensure that your work can be identified.
1. Download the data TeachingRatings.dta from the course page. This dataset contains
data on teaching evaluations for 463 professors at the University of Texas, and various
attributes of the professor and the course.
a. Run a regression of course_eval on beauty. What is the slope coefficient? Is it
statistically significantly different from zero?
b. Run a regression of course_eval on beauty and female. What is the coefficient
on beauty now? Explain in detail why the result is different from part (a)
c. Add an interaction term between female and beauty. What is the interpretation
of the coefficient on this interaction term?
d. Run a regression of course_eval on beauty, female, an interaction between
female and beauty and the additional controls minority, age, onecredit,
nnenglish and intro. Explain whether these additional controls have a
significant effect on teaching ratings