A 500wt Aqueous Sulfuric Acid Solution P 103gml Flows

A 5.00-wt% aqueous sulfuric acid solution (p = 1.03g/mL) flows through a 45-m long pipe with a 6.0cm diameter at a rate of 87L/min.

(a) What is the morality of sulfuric acid in the solution?

(b) How long (in seconds) would it take to fill a 55-gallon drum, and how much sulfuric acid (lbm) would the drum contain? (Your should arrive at your answers with two dimensional equations)

(c) The mean velocity of a fluid in a pipe equals the volumetric flow rate divided by the cross-sectional area normal to the direction of flow. Use this information to estimate how long (in seconds) it takes the solution to flow from the pipe inlet to the outlet.

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