A Component Insertion Machine Takes 20 Sec To Put A

A component insertion machine takes 2.0 sec to put a component into a printed circuit (PC) board, once the board has been positioned under the insertion head. The xy table that positions the PC board uses a stepper motor directly linked to a lead screw for each axis. The lead screw has a pitch = 5.0 mm. The motor step angle = 7.2 degrees and the pulse train frequency = 400 Hz. Two components are placed on the PC board, one each at positions (25, 25) and (50, 150), where coordinates = mm. The sequence of positions is (0,0), (25, 25), (50, 150), (0,0). Time required to unload the completed board and load the next blank onto the machine table = 5.0 sec. Assume that 0.25 sec. is lost due to acceleration and deceleration on each move. What is the hourly production rate for this PC board?

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