A For Each Process Identified In 1 List Supporting Information

a. For each process identified in 1, list supporting information systems. Consider information systems that are used university-wide, those used by departments, and those used by individuals.
b. For each information system identified in part a, describe the five components of that information system.
c. List sources of cost for each of the five components identified in part a. Consider both development and operational costs.
Ensure you have included the cost of training employees to execute the procedures.
Explain how some of the personnel costs in your answer here may overlap with the costs of actors in processes.
Why will only some of those costs overlap?
Do all of the costs of class registration information systems apply to the cost of class registration business processes? Why or why not?
d. As a student, you have no reasonable way to estimate particular information systems costs in your answer to part c. However, using your best judgment, estimate the range of total costs. Would it be closer to $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000? More? Justify your answer.

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