A Jumper In The Long Jump Goes Into The Jump With A Speed Of 10m S At An Angle O

A jumper in the long-jump goes into the jump with a speed of 10m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. Use g=10m/s.a) how long in the air is the jumper before returning to the Earth?b) How far does the jumper jump?for a) I got .001s as the answer which logically seems wrong. I fond the vertical and horizontal component of velocity with: v cos theda and v sin theda(10)cos30 =8.66 and 10sin30 =5then i found the v=sqrt(8.66^2 +5^2) and got v=9.99m/s to find the time i used v=v_0+at9.99=10+10t and then i got t=.001sFor b) I used x=x_0+vt and got .00866m. But my answers don’t seem to be right. What am i doing wrong?

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