A Newly Constructed Power Plant Proposes To Burn Coal With A Sulfur Content Of A

1. A newly constructed power plant proposes to burn coal with a sulfur content of (a) 1.8 and (b) 2.4 percent by weight. If the plant is to meet the new source review performance standard (see attached CFR new source regulation), what percent of SO 2 removal is required. Heating value of the fuel is 10,750 Btu/lb. This is problem 2 – 2 in your text book (WWD) . Estimate the emission rate of SO 2 gas, for both types of coal above (a) and (b), in grams per second if the volume rate of gas emitted from the stack is 15,000m 3 /min (at standard conditions). Assume ideal gas: =PM

Assume that the stack gas is composed of 50% nitrogen, 10% oxygen and 40% SO2, and the average molecular weight of the gas is 43 lb/lbmole.

2. A power plan stack gas at 440 degree celciuse contains a) 220 ppm and b) 1400 ppm of SO2. If the volume rate of gas emmitted is 15,000 m^3 /min , what is the emission rate in grams per sec ? The stack pressure is 1.0 bar.

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