“a pearl in the storm” by tori murden mcclure

Anyone who read this book please write a response to one of the following questions using the information in chapters 17,18,19, and 20(at least 5 full sentences)

___1.  Tori Murden and law school: what are the main points?  What sort of student is she?  Use details.

___2.  Tori Murden and the Philadelphia welcome.  What are the main points? How do people support her?  How does she feel?

___3.  The captain of the freighter’s attitude toward Tori Murden?  His initial response? His change (or not) in his attitude? How does he handle Tori?

___4.  The American Pearl was abandoned at sea: What should we recall about the loss and the recovery of Tori Murden’s rowboat?