A Railguided Vehicle System Is Being Planned As Part Of

A rail-guided vehicle system is being planned as part of an assembly cell. The system consists of two parallel lines, as in Figure P10.8. In operation, a base part is loaded at station 1 and delivered to either station 2 or 4, where components are added to the base part. The RGV then goes to either station 3 or 5, respectively, where further assembly of components is accomplished. From stations 3 or 5, the product moves to station 6 for removal from the system. Vehicles remain with the products as they move through the station sequence; thus, there is no loading and unloading of parts at stations 2, 3, 4, and 5. After unloading parts at station 6, the vehicles then travel empty back to station 1 for reloading. The hourly moves (parts/hr) and distances (ft) are listed in the table below. RGV speed = 100 ft/min. Assembly cycle times at stations 2 and 3 = 4.0 min each, and at stations 4 and 5 = 6.0 min each. Load and unload times at stations 1 and 6 respectively are each 0.75 min. Traffic factor = 1.0 and availability = 1.0. How many vehicles are required to operate the system?
A rail-guided vehicle system is being planned as part of

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