A Rate Cycle Is A Period Of Monetary Policy During

A “rate cycle” is a period of monetary policy during which the federal funds rate moves from its low point toward its high point, or vice versa, in response to business cycle conditions. Go to the St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED database, and find data on the federal funds rate (FEDFUNDS), real business fixed investment (PNFIC96), real residential investment (PRFIC96), and consumer durable expenditures (PCDGCC96). Use the frequency setting to convert the federal funds rate data to “quarterly,” and download the data.
a. When did the last rate cycle begin and end? Is this rate cycle a contractionary or an expansionary rate cycle?
b. Calculate the percentage change in business fixed investment, residential (housing) investment, and consumer durable expenditures over this rate cycle.
c. Based on your answers to parts (a) and (b), how effective was the traditional interest rate channel of monetary policy over this rate cycle?

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