A Reversible Chemical Reaction 2a B C Can

A reversible chemical reaction 2A + B ( C, can be characterized by the equilibrium relationship
K = cc/c2u cb
Where the nomenclature ci represents the concentration of constituent i. Suppose that we define a variable x as representing the number of moles of C that are produced. Conservation of mass can be used to reformulate the equilibrium relationship as
K = (cc.0 + x) / ca.0 – 2x)2 (cb.0 –x)
where the subscript 0 designates the initial concentration of each constituent. If K = 0.016, ca,0 = 42, cb,0 = 28, cc,0 = 4, determine the value of x.
(a) Obtain the solution graphically.
(b) On the basis of (a), solve for the root with initial guesses of xl = 0 and xa = 20 to is εs = 0.5%. Choose either bisection or false position to obtain your solution. Justify your choice.

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