A Series Of Cu Compression Tests On Simple Clay Ladd

A series of CU compression tests on simple clay (Ladd, 1964) provided the following test results:
(a) In an axial compression test, if σ’c = 200 kPa, determine qf, pf, and p’f.
(b) Find ∅’ and c’ A special lateral extension stress path test was conducted on this clay in which the decrease in lateral stress was exactly equal to the increase in axial stress; that is, -∆σ3 = ∆σ1. For this case, if σ’c = 400 kPa, determine ∆σ1, q, p, p’ and ∆u
(c) When the axial strain is 4% and (d) at failure. (After C.W. Lovell.)?

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