A Single Station Robotic Assembly System Performs A Series Of

A single station robotic assembly system performs a series of five assembly elements, each of which adds a different component to a base part. Each element takes 4.5 sec. In addition, the handling time needed to move the base part into and out of position is 4 sec. For identification, the components, as well as the elements that assemble them, are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The fraction defect rate is 0.005 for all components, and the probability of a jam by a defective component is 0.7. Average downtime per occurrence = 2.5 min. Determine
(a) Production rate,
(b) Yield of good product in the output,
(c) Uptime efficiency, and
(d) Proportion of the output that contains a defective type 3 component.

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