A Sixstation Automatic Assembly Line Has An Ideal Cycle Time

A six-station automatic assembly line has an ideal cycle time of 12 sec. Downtime occurs for two reasons. First, mechanical and electrical failures cause line stops that occur with a frequency of once per 50 cycles. Average downtime for these causes is 3 min. Second, defective components also result in downtime. The fraction defect rate of each of the six components added to the base part at the six stations is 2%. The probability that a defective component will cause a station jam is 0.5 for all stations. Downtime per occurrence for defective parts is 2 min. Determine
(a) Yield of assemblies that are free of defective components,
(b) Proportion of assemblies that contain at least one defective component,
(c) Average production rate of good product, and
(d) Uptime efficiency.

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