A Unit Load Asrs For Workinprocess Storage In A Factory

A unit load AS/RS for work-in-process storage in a factory must be designed to store 2000 pallet loads, with an allowance of no less than 20% additional storage compartments for peak periods and flexibility. The unit load pallet dimensions are: depth (x) = 36 in and width (y) = 48 in. Maximum height of a unit load = 42 in. It has been determined that the AS/RS will consist of four aisles with one S/R machine per aisle. The maximum ceiling height (interior) of the building permitted by local ordinance is 60 ft, so the AS/RS must fit within this height limitation. The rack structure will be built 2 ft above floor level, and the clearance between the rack structure and the ceiling of the building must be at least 18 in. Determine the dimensions (height, length, and width) of the rack structure.

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