A Unit Load Automated Storageretrieval System Has Five Aisles The

A unit load automated storage/retrieval system has five aisles. The storage racks are 60 ft high and 280 ft long. The S/R machine travels at a horizontal speed of 200 ft/min and a vertical speed of 80 ft/min. The pick and deposit time = 0.30 min. Assume that the number of single command cycles per hour is four times the number of dual command cycles per hour and that the system operates at 80% utilization. A class-based dedicated storage strategy is used for organizing the stock, in which unit loads are separated into two classes, according to activity level. The more active stock is stored in the half of the rack system located closest to the input/output station, and the less active stock is stored in the other half of the rack system (farther away from the input/output station). Within each half of the rack system, random storage is used. The more active stock accounts for 75% of the transactions, and the less active stock accounts for the remaining 25% of the transactions. Determine the throughput rate (loads moved/hour into and out of storage) of the AS/RS, basing your computation of cycle times on the same types of assumptions used in the MHI method. Assume that when dual command cycles are performed the two transactions per cycle are both in the same class.

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