A Voltage Of 24 V Is Applied To A Dc

A voltage of 24 V is applied to a DC servomotor whose torque constant = 0.115 N-m/A and voltage constant = 0.097 V/(rad/sec). Armature resistance = 1.9 ohms. The motor is directly coupled to a blower shaft for an industrial process.
(a) What is the stall torque of the motor?
(b) Determine the operating point of the motor if the torque-speed characteristic of the blower is given by the following equation: TL = KL1( + KL2(2, where TL = load torque, N-m; ( = angular velocity, rad/sec; KL1 = 0.005 N-m/(rad/sec), and KL2 = 0.00033 N-m/(rad/sec)2.
(c) What horsepower is being generated by the motor at the operating point?

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