A What Is A Who Is Database B Use Various Who

a. What is a who is database?
b. Use various who is databases on the Internet to obtain the names of two DNS servers. Indicate which who is databases you used.
c. Use nslookup on your local host to send DNS queries to three DNS servers:
your local DNS server and the two DNS servers you found in part (b). Try querying for Type A, NS, and MX reports. Summarize your findings.
d. Use nslookup to find a Web server that has multiple IP addresses. Does the Web server of your institution (school or company) have multiple IP addresses?
e. Use the ARIN who is database to determine the. IP address range used by your university.
f. Describe how an attacker can use who is databases and the nslookup tool to perform reconnaissance on an institution before launching an attack.
g. Discuss why who is databases should be publicly available.

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