A Why Is Retaining Email For A Long Period Of

a) Why is retaining e-mail for a long period of time useful?
b) Why is it dangerous?
c) What is legal discovery?
d) What are courts likely to do if it would be very expensive for a firm to discover all of its e-mail pertinent to a case?
e) What can happen if a firm fails to retain required e-mail?
f) What is accidental retention?
g) How long can third-party e-mail providers keep your e-mails?
h) Is there a specific law that specifies what information must be retained for legal purposes?
i) What two requirements in the U.S. Rules of Civil Procedure are likely to cause problems for firms that do not have a good archiving process?
j) Why is message authentication important in an archiving system?
k) Comment on a corporate policy of deleting all e-mail after 30 days?

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