About The Traditional Organizational Structure S B Beyond Functions Pdf Commen

About the Traditional Organizational Structure:

Read the attached article from Strategy & Business magazine. S+B – Beyond Functions.pdf 

Comment on the following:

Do you agree with the author’s assertion that the traditional organizational structure is outdated?

The author states that “The functional organization simply no longer serves companies as effectively as it once did, in three important ways”, and he goes on to back up his rationale. Pick one or two of his reasons and comment on whether you agree or not.

About Agile Companies

Read the article attached from Strategy & Business magazine and answer/comment on the questions posed. Also feel free to make general comments as well.


  1. What are the stakes involved in not being agile as a large company?
  2. How does “agility” differ from large to small companies? What characteristics delineate the two types of companies?
  3. How do managers know when a company is agile enough? What metrics do they need to use to gauge whether a company is agile?
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