According To An Article On Phillyburbscom Some Farmers In Rural

According to an article on, some farmers in rural Pennsylvania are causing a “stink” by using pig manure for fertilizer. The farmers purchase the pig manure, which is an organic fertilizer, from a nearby pork processing plant and spread it across the fields where they grow corn and soybeans. The article asserts that the farmers switched to pig manure because of the skyrocketing price of chemical fertilizers. Some of the residents of the town of Milford, however, have complained about the smell, but the “farmers are likely protected under Pennsylvania’s Right to Farm Act, which allows farmers to engage in practices that are common to agriculture.”
a. What price signal did the farmers respond to in their switch to the organic pig manure fertilizer?
b. According to the Pennsylvania Right to Farm Act, do the farmers or the townspeople have the property right to the smell of the air around the farms? (Some of the residents did ask the township to urge the farmers to plow under the manure to reduce its stench.)

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