According To Its Design Specification

According to its design specification, the timer circuit delaying the closing of an elevator door is to have a capacitance of 32.0 %F between two points A and B.
(a) When one circuit is being constructed, the inexpensive but durable capacitor installed between these two points is found to have capacitance 34.8 %F. To meet the specification, one additional capacitor can be placed between the two points. Should it be in series or in parallel with the 34.8-μF capacitor? What should be its capacitance?
(b) What If? The next circuit comes down the assembly line with capacitance 29.8 μF between A and B. What additional capacitor should be installed in series or in parallel in that circuit, to meet the specification? A group of identical capacitors is connected first in series and then in parallel. The combined capacitance in parallel is 100 times larger than for the series connection. How many capacitors are in the group?

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