Account Agreement

Account Agreement

Creating an account on Solution Inn binds you in an which includes the policies, guidelines, rules, and term of use of your account and other services of the website. All users hereby agree to abide by this agreement and affirm knowledge that the website can change or modify the agreement without prior notice and the revised agreement will be applicable as of the day it is posted on the website.

Digital Signature:

Singing up on the site means you agree with the and accept all the rules, policies, guidelines and terms of use described in the including the Escrow instructions at the time of signing up.

Consent to use electronic records:

Signing a digital contract and accepting the terms of , you are entitled to receive different records such as contracts, communication, notices, and invoices, in writing. To facilitate your use of the website, we ask you agree to receive these documents electronically insured in paper form.

Keep your email address updated:

To make sure we keep on sending you updates and records electronically, we need your email address to remain updated. In case you change your email address, you must update it in your account information.

Hardware and software use:

To keep on receiving electronic records form Solution Inn, you must have the following hardware and software support:

  • A valid email address.
  • A personal computer which operates platforms like windows and MAC environment.
  • An Internet connection with the latest version of software, browsers, plugins and applications installed.
  • The Latest versions of programs used to read and display PDF files.
  • A printer to make sure you print and store all the electronic records in hard copy form.

Solution Inn suggests every user keeps full record of electronic records in soft and hard copy forms.

User registration:

All users must register to the Solution Inn account to access all the features of website. Your user account information must be updated regularly. Your user account information must be authentic; we do not allow misleading or fake information. Solution Inn has strong checks in place to validate the account information and your account may be subject to review repeatedly and when the need arises.

Users are not allowed to create more than one client or freelancer account at any given time. If such a case is found, the user account can be restricted or permanently terminated with subject to policy violation.

Username and password:

When you register for your new account, you are asked to enter a valid username and password. You can change your username and password at any time after the registration is completed. Your username and password is your entity and you are totally responsible for their security.

You hereby agree that if any one logs in using your username and password, Solution Inn will assume it is either you or you have authorized someone for this act. Nevertheless, you must inform Solution Inn immediately if you suspect the unauthorized use of your account.

Solution Inn Escrow services (SES):

Solution Inn Escrow service is a wholly owned internal operating service of company. Solution Inn escrow service provides users the ability to provide, hold and receive payments for a job. It also facilitates Solution Inn payments. The escrow service is in place for business use only; it is not intended to provide escrow services for any commercial, personal, family and consumer use.

SES is an automated system, which establishes Escrow accounts when a client hires freelancers.

Working of Escrow Account:

Escrow account is a transparent custody of funds by Solution Inn. When client hires a freelancer, the funds transfer from the student’s account to an escrow account. Client can request Solution Inn for a refund of funds if not satisfied with the delivered work. Similarly, freelancer can create invoice and request for release of funds from escrow account once they have completed the job.

All refunds are processed according to Solution Inn refund and cancellation policy.

Accepting freelancer invoice:

When a job is completed and the client is satisfied with the work, client pays the invoice of freelancer. By doing so, the client authorizes escrow account as an agent of the client which immediately transfers the needed amount from the escrow account to pending earnings of freelancer.

Use of escrow account in refunds:

Clients must be satisfied with the work provided before releasing funds from escrow account to freelancer account. Once Client pays an invoice, and funds are transferred to the freelancer pending earnings account, refund is not possible except as otherwise required by the applicable law. Client must know that Solution Inn has an arbitration department which resolves disputes.

Client must agree not to ask its credit card company, bank or other payment source providers to charge back released funds for any reason.

SES deduction:

You must agree not to receive any interest on funds of escrow account. SES may deduct fees from the escrow account if required and applicable.

Solution Inn Service Fee:

Solution Inn service fee is applicable to all the Freelancers of website for receiving the services from Solution Inn. The fee structure is as follows: when you receive payments in your pending earnings, you conclusively authorize Solution Inn to charge service fee and make payment to Solution Inn on your behalf. If you are a client, your project fee already contains a small portion of the service fee.

Solution Inn does not charge any membership free or escrow fee at the moment.

Escrow disputes:

If clients or freelancers find themselves in a dispute regarding escrow account, they are required to pursue the proceedings as mentioned in the refund and cancellation policy. During the process of dispute, Solution Inn will hold the funds in escrow account until the dispute is resolved.

Contacting Us

If you wish to report a violation of the Terms of Service, or have questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Support at:

Solution Inn US Office:
1800 Pembrook Drive, Suite 300
Orlando FL 32810
UK Office:
273-275A Wood Lane Dagenham,
London RM8 3NH, UK.

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