Adapting A Sales Letter From Low Context To High Context

Adapting a Sales Letter From Low Context to High Context The following letter, adapted from an Australian sales message, is intended for a low-context culture.

Your Task.
In teams, study the following letter. List at least six factors and techniques used in this letter that typify low-context persuasive sales messages. Then discuss how the letter could be changed if it were to appeal to high-context cultures. Your instructor may ask your team to compose a high-context version of the letter.
Dear Mr. Smith,
Since you are one of our important customers who appreciates convenience and value, I am writing to share an opportunity to enjoy both!
For example, would you like to choose $60 worth of Innovations merchandise—absolutely FREE? And could you benefit from a very convenient credit card—one that offers you a free Rewards program, unsurpassed card protection, free PhotoCard, free Purchase Cover, exceptional personal customer service—and is accepted at over 400,000 locations in Australia, more than 14 million establishments worldwide, and gives you cash access at over 341,000 ATMs?
Realistically, how could you pass up these attractive opportunities? They each represent the very practical (and innovative!) reasons for you to apply for a Citibank Visa or MasterCard. Because I feel so confident that you will truly appreciate a Citibank Credit Card, I would like you to have two $30 vouchers for anything in your Innovations catalogue. Use them separately or together. They are valid until 28 February on your choice of items. But you must reply to this very special offer before 28 November.
= = = = = = = = = = [More incentives detailed here]
I hope you will take a moment to complete and mail (or fax) the enclosed application for your Citibank Credit Card today. I’m certain you will enjoy its many benefits—as well as $60 of vouchers for Innovations merchandise with our compliments. Happy shopping!
Yours sincerely,
Judy Powell, Managing Director
P.S. We can only reserve this exclusive offer until 28 November. So apply for your Citibank Visa or MasterCard today. Once you are approved, you will receive $60 of Innovations vouchers shortly after your new card. And for Double Rewards points, use your card on any Innovations purchase until 28 February of next year!

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