Add A Use Case Description For The Add Software Use

Add a use case description for the ADD SOFTWARE use case. It should contain the following information:
A. Obtain the use case name and actors from the use case diagram. The stakeholder and level are the same as those in Figure E2.4.
B. The description should be: add new software to the Software database table and print an installation listing.
C. The activity is started (triggered) when the user clicks the Add Software menu item.
D. The steps performed and information for steps are:
Software is keyed into the new system and validated
Software received form
Software is added to the Software Master
Software Master
The Software Installation List is produced
Software Master, Order
The software user is notified about installed software
E. Preconditions are that software has been received. Post conditions are that the software has been added to the database and reports have been created. Assumptions are that the user has successfully logged on with access to Add Software entry screen. A success guarantee is that the software has been added to the database and required report printed. A minimum guarantee is that the software has been received. The objectives met are to add and install new software. The outstanding issue is how to determine which software to install on which machines. The priority is high and the risk is medium.

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