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From the PSY 335 Final Project Document pick a case study to review and answer the question from the PSY Milestone One Guideline and Rubric. Then do the PSY  335 Interpreting Statistics Worksheet.



The overall culture of a company is key. I work for a medical supply company who focuses on making sure that our direct reports, and employees as a whole, are engaged. An engaged employee is committed to the overall success of the organization, and their shared values. In other words, they are not just coming to work for a paycheck. I have seen first hand the importance of investing in the overall well-being of an employee so that they feel that their voice matters. In short, happy employees are productive employees. In addition, a happy employee has a tremendous affect on their fellow co-workers. It’s almost as if their positive, happy spirit, rubs off on everyone they encounter.

The contributing elements of a great organizational culture can range from having a clear vision of the companies values, to a visible growth path for employees who are looking to advance within the company. This is extremely important because employees seeking advancement will go elsewhere if a clear glide path is not established.

In addition, and this in my opinion is the most important, is a culture that encourages an open dialogue between all employees. The workplace should be a place where employees feel welcome to shar information, and ideas for the betterment of the company.