Answer the following questions question 1: can a user cleared for

Answer the following questions


Question 1: Can a user cleared for <secret; {dog, cat, pig}> have access to documents classified in each of the following ways under the military security model? (6 points)


  1. <secret; {moose}>                           _________
  2. <confidential; {dog, cat, pig}>          _________
  3. <confidential; {moose}>                  __________________
  4. <top secret; dog>                            ________________
  5. <secret; {dog}>                                __________________
  6. <secret; {dog, cow}>                       __________________

Question 2: Alan and Beatrice are both users of PKI. Explain how they use their keys to communicate when Alan sends a private message to Beatrice, and provides proof that he sent the message. List your answer in steps:



Question 3 Compare and contrast Mandatory Access Control and Discretionary Access Control. How well are they supported in various well-known (common) operating systems?