Asg 2: use case realization


Question 1 – Use Case Realization – 30 marks

Part 1 – Sequence Diagrams (20 marks)

Given full use case descriptions for two separate use cases, produce sequence diagrams to describe the information flows necessary to support at least the normal flow for each use case. (Advanced – include sequence diagrams to support major alternate flows.)

Part 2 – Summary Analysis / Design Class Diagram (10 marks)

Apply the results of your use case realizations for the two use cases to create a summary analysis / design class diagram showing attributes and methods required to support both use cases.


This assignment assesses student competencies in regard to the following learning outcomes:

  • LO2 – be able to analyse and verify system requirements
  • LO3 – be able to produce and verify analysis and design models for a system;
  • LO5 – be able to demonstrate use of a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool to document the models in a system.