“assessing stakeholder positions” please respond to the following:

Business and Society class. Must be 250 words must cite work. Book using is ISBN: 978-1-259-19103-9 I attached pictures of pages 22 & 23


“Assessing Stakeholder Positions”  Please respond to the following:



Based upon the discussion case at the end of chapter 1 in the text: A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard (pg. 22):


  1. Identify the salient stakeholders. 
  2. Describe the nature of their interest and describe the nature of their power.
    1. Hint: Begin by identifying all of the relevant stakeholders and then focus on the most salient stakeholders. Provide your rationale for determining the most salient stakeholders.
    • Provide your rationale for your response with support of the resources available to you, e.g., text, lectures & Instructor Insights folder.

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