Assignment 3 (building a house budget using microsoft project

 If you need access to microsoft project please let me know

scheduling and resourcing are tightly intertwined aspects of the planning phase. Consideration of the following questions will help you as you prepare your schedule and resource plans (it is not necessary to turn in your answers):

  • Do you have the same resources doing overlapping tasks?
  • Do you have a realistic time period in which to accomplish each task, given the resources assigned?

Familiarity with Microsoft Project will ease your schedule and budget preparation. If you need an introduction or refresher, make sure you review the video tutorials in this assessment’s studies. Access Project through the Toolwire virtual desktop in this unit.


A proper budget should reflect costs incurred by a project, including human and capital resources and materials, which are often referred to as “time and materials.” Make sure to make real-world cost approximations for each of the identified resources to create a realistic budget. Communicating budget changes is critical to the project manager. Often times many stakeholders need to be notified and communicated to in different ways. You should consider all implications of such a critical communication, including tone, content, and intended audience.


Part 1 – Schedule

Use Microsoft Project to develop a detailed milestone and deliverables schedule that identifies required human and capital resources. Do the following:

  • Include a minimum of twenty steps (tasks).
  • Link related tasks that must follow in order; and create sub-groups with activities where applicable.
  • Enter the duration and start and finish times for each task.
    • Activity duration can be estimated in hours, days, weeks, or months, depending on the time scale of your project.
    • Project start and finish times can be entered as specific calendar dates if you wish.
  • Assign named resources to each task in the timeline of your project.
Part 2: Budget

For this assignment, develop your projected project budget by allocating costs to each of your required resources (include human, capital, and materials). Use Microsoft Project or an Excel spreadsheet. (Use the Toolwire desktop provided in this unit to access Microsoft Project.)

Complete the following items:

  1. Create the initial budget estimate.
  2. Imagine that the client has requested that the project be done in a 20 percent shorter timeframe. Add two more columns to your budget. One should reflect the new costs and the other should depict the variance between the original and amended budgets.

 Note: You need to save your mpp file to your virtual desktop before downloading it to your local machine. Then submit the project file, along with your budget file, through the normal courseroom assessment submission process.   Be sure to attach BOTH of the documents with your assessment submission. This is important to avoid unnecessary use of one of your re-submission attempts to submit a missing part of your assessment.