Assignment 3 – business to business marketing

Complete the assignment in at least 250 words.  Use examples.  

1. Using the customer-based brand equity framework as a guide, describe the distinctive components of Apple’s brand strategy.

2. Identify two business-to-business brands that you would deem to be strong and distinctive. Next, describe the characteristics of each brand that tend to set it apart from rival brands. 

3.  The breakthrough products for many companies did not emerge from the formal new product development process. Instead, they were championed by a few resourceful employees. For the company DELL, what steps could they take to motivate and support corporate entrepreneurship?

4.  Describe how Marriott might employ lead user analysis to better align its properties and services with the needs of the executive traveler.

5.  New industrial products that succeed provide clear-cut advantages to customers. Define product advantage and provide an example of a recent new product introduction that fits this definition.