Assignment topic: minimum wage and the distribution of income each

Assignment Topic: Minimum Wage and The Distribution Of Income

Each Question is part of the Outline of a Research paper.

Have a well defined Abstract/thesis paragraph(s)

USE Chicago style for Citations Citations.  This research paper is a “semester project” it is not a night before its due project.  Check tentative Date Schedule for the Due date.  

Utilizing the data in the articles present the Pro and con of the topic.  Then choose a side and defend your decision with data from the articles.  This is not your opinion.  This is a presentation with positive economic statements.  Do not use normative statements.

Students should review what positive economic statements and normative statements


1.    Describe in general the issue that is being debated:

2.    Read two or more perspectives on this argument from both sides (support minimum wage increase, oppose minimum wage increase) and describe the authors perspectives on raising the minimum wage to reduce poverty and inequality.

3.    Analyze the evidence that each author uses to support his/her thesis: What types of evidence are used? Does the evidence support his or her thesis?

4.    Evaluate the qualification of the authors: What bias might the authors have?

5.    Discuss your opinion on this topic: Do you agree or disagree with the authors?

6.    Why?  


                                                        REFERENCE ARTICLES

What’s Best AT Reducing Poverty? An Examination of the Effectiveness of the 2007 Minimum Wage Increase.

Can Raising the Minimum Wage Reduce Poverty and Hardship?

The Impact of a $9.80 Federal Minimum Wage.

Is There Consensus in Favor of Wage Mandates?

2 Parties Place Political Focus on Inequality,  by Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times.

From the Center for America Progress: