C++ simple coding homework | cop133 | Miami-Dade College

I need this done in 2 and a half hours. simple coding nothing too complex because the class just started

and I CANNOT use namespace


WARNING: You are only allowed to use code covered in class, HW, or in the textbook up to Chp 3. Students who wish to use more advanced code must currently have an “A” in the course and obtain permission from me via email before starting the project. ALSO, code must be your OWN. Ask for hints, but write your own code! All students who copy from each other or get the same code by working together will receive zeroes.

This program will help users calculate quantities needed for a recipe. All the user needs to input is the number of servings and the name of the bread they will be using. Your program does the rest.

Below is the default recipe for bread. You must start with this. Then, based on how many loaves the user wants, you have to do the necessary calculations to figure out the new quantities for each ingredient. 

Recipe: by bakers percentages

  • Starting water: 72%
  • rye flour: 10%
  • red wheat flour: 20%
  • King Arthur special patent flour 30%
  • Bread flour 40%
  • sourdough starter 20%

Normally after mixing the bread is allowed to rest

  • additional water 2.5%
  • salt 2%

Serving Units: In a home kitchen, consider the (ml or g) unit as indivisible. A person cannot calculate, for example, what half of an (ml) is. Also consider a loaf to be indivisible (Ex: You can’t have 7.5 loaves).

Bakers percentages are expressed in terms of total flour used. (By adding up the rye, red wheat and bread flour). For example making two loaves of bread is generally 1000g total flour. So rye at 10% would be 100g.

INPUT: You will need to first get the name of the bread, then the number of loaves desired.


NAME: “Name of the bread”           NUMBER: “number of loaves”

<blank line>
<tab>”ingredient in 20 spaces” “amount in 5 spaces” “g or ml”

Notes: The bold are lables for the program output
            The stuff in quotes is output.
            There are 10 spaces after the name before the NUMBER label

Check the output and make yours match

Getting the Mimir test cases correct is only PART of your grade. The rest will depend on the quality of your code. I will never remove points for things that are personal preferences. As you know, your author and I have slightly different styles. However, the proper use of constants, correct data types, and other standards of using this language will be enforced. Ask me questions during class if you have any doubts.

NOTE: You have unlimited submissions. You may keep uploading your CPP file until you pass all test cases and are happy with your code. I will only grade the last submission. Location of your CPP in CLion: C:Users[your name]CLionProjects (look inside the folder with the name you gave your project)

NOTE: for this assignment write it to run in CLion – ignore the need for extra lines of output