California Is Home To The Nations Most Diverse And Valuable

California is home to the nation’s most diverse and valuable agricultural industry. Many of its crops are sold in Japanese and European markets where customers are extremely wary of genetically modified foods. Despite that fact, sources in the state capital are reporting that the biotech industry is actively seeking sponsors for a bill in the state legislature that would preempt the right of counties to ban genetically engineered crops. As an intern working for the Organic Consumers Association, the nation’s largest public interest group dedicated to a healthy and sustainable food system, your supervisor, Andrea Lopez, asked you to gather data about the dangers of genetically engineered crops. The organization plans to write a report to the state government about this issue.

Your Task.
Conduct a keyword search using three search engines on the Web. Select three articles you think would be most pertinent to the organization’s argument. Save them using the strategies for managing data, and create a bibliography. Conduct the same keyword search with ABI/INFORM or LexisNexis. Save the three most relevant articles, and add these items to your bibliography. In a short memo to Andrea Lopez, Director of Government Relations, summarize what you’ve found and describe its value. Attach the bibliography.

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