California Rules of Professional Conduct on a situation

This is a paper that focuses on the application of California Rules of Professional Conduct on a situation. The paper also provides hypothetical questions to answer.

California Rules of Professional Conduct on a situation

For this project assume that you have recently graduated from Paralegal school and have been hired as a paralegal by a large law firm.

For each hypothetical situation, answer the question[s] that follow[s]. In analyzing each situation, apply the general rules we have learned in class and also apply the California Rules of Professional Conduct and any Business and Professions Code sections that may apply or impact your analysis. Be sure to cite the rule[s] you are applying for each response.

California Rules of Professional Conduct on a situation

1.       Firstly, what would you do if, on the first day on the job, an attorney asked you to draft an antitrust complaint for filing the next day in federal court? Assume for purposes of this hypothetical that your specialties in school were probate and real estate.
2.       Secondly, what would you do if an attorney passed you in the hall and handed you a phone message from a client. Additionally, told you to call the client back and draft whatever documents the client asked for?

3.       Thirdly, what would you do if you learned after some time working at the firm that attorneys in your firm frequently took shortcut. Such as not gathering facts carefully or not researching legal issues thoroughly? What if you were assigned to work on a case even though you had revealed you very likely had a conflict of interest in the matter, having worked on a case for the opposing side during previous employment? Please make reference to general ethical rules/Model Rules and specific California rules/code sections that impact your answer.
4.       Fourthly, what would you do if you overheard a paralegal in your firm discussing confidential information about a client with a person in another firm? Would your answer be different if an attorney was doing the talking?

5.       Lastly, for this final question, disregard the assumption set forth in the background. Name three personal strengths that may help you in your career as a paralegal. Name three weaknesses that might interfere with you competence or success. Considering these, what should you do to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

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