can you write in essay with the information I have provided in the same order i have provide about 8 – 10 pages long

I. TITLE PAGE (1 page)
A. Project title
B. Employer’s name
C. Your name
D. Date you are handing in the written report
E. Your major
F. Faculty sponsor who reviewed your proposal
A Paragraph stating the scope of your project
B. Paragraph stating problems encountered while working on the project, any surprising findings, results, and any significant outcomes.
C. Paragraph summarizing your conclusions after having completed the project, and any recommendations to the firm as to actions to be taken, if any, as a result of your efforts.
– Include some information about the job setting and your general responsibilities.
V. PROJECT (maximum 10 pages)
A. Define the project, including your assumptions, the focus, and criteria you will incorporate.
B. Describe how the project was conceived.
C. Define your initial hypothesis (e.g., what you think the outcome of the analysis will show).
D. Identify the methods you used to gather information.
E. Summarize the information/data that you gathered.
F. Describe your conclusions and recommendations to your employer.
G. Identify additional areas you, or those who follow you, could do to enhance the project.
H. List the contribution(s) you think this project has made to the employer. Include a simple cost/benefit analysis (net dollar impact of your contribution to the organization), efficiencies gained, time savings, better relations with various constituencies, or any combination of any of these.

This is what I was required to do in the internship

Pulling key operational and financial data from multiple data sets for the purpose of establishing key performance indicators for our business partners throughout the organization • Able to perform data analysis and translate the needs into system requirements • Produce analytics and reporting to support management-level decision making • Establish best practices for consolidating data and developing key metrics • Establish processes for validating data integrity across multiple systems • Assists Project Management Office in oversite of technology project execution • Ability to leverage insights to draw sound conclusions and translate them into actionable recommendations. • Learn how to identify, analyze and apply information technology and business practices to support strategic business process/plans. • Participate as required to design, develop, test and integrate technology. • Participate in the implementation of information technology and business processes. • Supp011, evaluate, and continuously improve information technology and business processes to maintain alignment with business plans. • Perform activities accordingly to project plans and schedule. Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and deliverable simultaneously. • Intermediate to advanced Excel, Access and PowerPoint skills, and previous data manipulation experience; • Previous data analytics coursework required • Experience with Business Objects, SQL Query and/or Google Big Query preferred; • Strong communication and presentation skills; • High level of professionalism • Coursework in Research & Data Analysis, Project Execution & Oversight, • Detail-oriented, self-starter, strong work ethic, team player, ability to build rapport and. Throughout your 10-15 week internship, you will be placed onto teams within our key business areas: Infrastructure Analyst, Security Analyst, Project Analyst, Business/Systems Analyst, Data Scientist or Software Developer/Engineer. You’ll be exposed to any number of fascinating projects while you benefit from data management experiences and close collaboration with knowledgeable professionals and coaches from our parent league organization. In addition, you’ll be exposed to our culture, participate in social responsibility events, and participate in learning sessions from leaders throughout the enterprise.

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