Canada history research paper 2000

This paper will require you to research a topic related to the history of the Chinese in Canadaand Canadians in China. The topic should talk about The immigration of Chinese women to Canada. You will be required to develop an argument based on this topic andthen present your argument and your research together in a well-written essay. This meansthat you must have an introduction with a clearly written thesis statement (the thesis statement should be in 2-3 sentences at the end of your introduction paragraph and please highlight your thesis statement), a body paragraphthat presents evidence to support your argument, and a conclusion that summarizes anddiscusses your findings.


You must also include a bibliography of your sources and usefootnotes in your paper. Failure to include either a bibliography, footnotes or both will result ina grade of ZERO.

Your essay should be 2000 words (+/- 200 words) and must use a minimum of 10

academic sources (at least 3 books). Of these sources, you must use 3 primary sources. Please have a copy of all your primary sources at the end of the paper.



All the sources must only be choosing from the following that I provided in the document.