Case 1, | Management homework help





This will be a response that is a complete analysis of the case.  Make sure in your analysis that you’ve addressed the issues identified in the marking rubric

Your case submission should be written in a business professional format (Write a report using the headings provided in the case rubric – not APA formatting) and be limited to 5 pages (double spaced, 12 point font, plus appendices – if appropriate).


please read the case carefully and answer the four questions below :


1.  Outline the challenges of conducting business in Russia’s oil industry. Why is it strategically important for BP to secure a position in this market? 

2.  Who are the prominent stakeholders in this situation, and what important motivational factors underlie their behavior?

3.  Review the terms, nature, and timing of BP’s strategic alliances in Russia. What are the benefits and costs of the arrangement for each party?

4.  Assess BP’s management of its investments and strategic alliances in Russia. Why is the TNK-BP partnership experiencing so much internal conflict? What can BP do to salvage the situation in Russia? Do you agree with BP’s decision to block a TNK-BP cooperative arrangement with Rosneft?