Case calculation analysis | Economics homework help

Read Ratios And Financial Planning At East Coast Yachts Case (Closing Case on page 80) and answer the following questions:

  1. Calculate all of the ratios listed in the industry table for East Coast Yachts
  2. Compare the operating and financial performance of East Coast Yachts to the industry Median ratios. (Note: you should apply the concepts you will learn from reading the case on: “Assessing the Financial Health Of A Company,” which is posted in Canvas.
  3. Calculate the sustainable growth rate for East Coast Yachts. Calculate the External Funds Needed (EFN), and prepare pro forma income statements and balance sheets assuming growth at precisely this rate. Can the company grow at a higher rate than the sustainable growth rate? how?
  4. East Coast Yachts does not intend to raise external equity capital because shareholders do not want to dilute their shares and control positions. However, East Coast Yachts is planning for a growth rate of 20% next year. What are your conclusions and recommendations about the feasibility of East Coast Yachts expansion plan?