Case study5 | Criminal homework help


When an offense is serious enough, an offender has had multiple offenses, or the offender is deemed unfit for diversion due to some other reason, alternatives to a rehabilitative approach may be necessary.

A juvenile who enters “the system” will encounter many figures who make key decisions about their short- and long-term future. In this Assignment, you analyze the key roles and responsibilities of major figures in juvenile proceedings.

  • First,      imagine that you are taking on one of the following roles. If possible,      take on a role that you have not had in your profession:
    • Law       enforcement
    • Prosecutor
    • Social       worker
    • Another       role in the process
  • Next,      read the Week 5 case study found in the Criminal Justice Case Studies:      Juvenile Delinquency and Justice document.
  • Aspects      of the Assignment require you to apply your learning to this case study.

In 750 to 1,000 words, address the following:

  • Recommend      the offender in the scenario to either family and juvenile court or adult      criminal court based on a particular perspective, such as a prosecutor, a      judge, or a social worker.
  • Recommend      a sentence for the offender and explain the rationale.
  • As      part of your recommendation, propose a re-entry strategy for the offender.
  • Support      your recommendations with evidence from the Learning Resources and the      case study.