Midas | Bus644 | Ashford University

Week 1 – Assignment       



Read the “Midas” case study in Chapter 2 of your text and respond to the guided response below in a three- to four-page paper in accordance with APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In this paper you must:

  • Discuss the anticipated impacts (both positive and negative) upon operating efficiencies, and recommend solutions to minimize the negative impacts.
  • Discuss whether or not operating practices should be changed to accommodate the tune-ups. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  • Examine the reasons why input should be gathered from the shop owners.
  • Discuss the type of input that should be gathered.
  • Describe the processes and steps needed to launch this new program.

Your paper should be in paragraph form (avoid the use of bullet points) and supported with the concepts outlined in your text and additional scholarly sources.

Submit your three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and must cite at least three scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

discussion: using a logic model to focus interventions and achieve | SOCW 6311 – Social Work Practice Research II | Walden University

In social work practice and in program development, it is possible to make faulty assumptions about what clients need and what social work activities will lead to. Consider the following:

A team of social workers meets to discuss their services to low-income young mothers. One social worker states that what the young mothers need most is information about community resources. She proposes that the social workers’ activities consist of making referrals to programs for public assistance for income support, food stamps, medical insurance, employment agencies, and educational resources. However, another team member points out that most clients are referred to their program from the public welfare office and health care programs. This suggests that the clients tend to possess knowledge of these common resources and have been able to access them.

How might the team explore what problems bring the clients to their agency? What might the team learn from client assessments? How can the team verify the desired outcomes of their services? Developing a logic model will help the team see a logical connection between problems, needs, intervention activities, and corresponding outcomes. This series of logical connections leads to formulating a theory of change, that is, a theory about how our work leads to the outcomes for clients.

To prepare for this Assignment, imagine that you are part of a work group charged with creating a logic model and generating a theory of change. Select a practitioner-level intervention for which you are interested in analyzing connections. Consider how a logic model might be applied to that practice.

ASSIGNMENT (1 Page Paper)


Post a logic model and theory of change for a practitioner-level intervention. Describe the types of problems, the client needs, and the underlying causes of problems and unmet needs. Identify the short- and long-term outcomes that you think would represent an improved condition. Then describe interventions that would lead to a change in the presenting conditions. Be sure to search for and cite resources that inform your views.

Killers (need plagerism report attached)

A key characteristic of a serial killer is whether he or she is organized or disorganized. Your texts discuss this topic. Be sure to read the assigned sections for this week in order to complete this assignment:

You are a behavioral analyst who has been hired to train your city’s homicide detectives about organized and disorganized serial killers. Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses the following points:

Explain the characteristics of organized and disorganized killers.

Describe the kinds of clues that can indicate whether a killer is organized or disorganized.

Explain how determining whether a killer is organized or not can assist in the investigation. For example, can clues from the crime scenes give you information about the killer’s lifestyle, personality, etc.?

Give a real-life example of both types of killer. Your texts offer profiles of many serial killers, so you can look there for examples.

Be sure to show specifically why you consider each to be organized or disorganized.

Indicate how this determination affected the investigation, if applicable

Unit 1 quiz | Management homework help


__________ is any type of firm or organization that provides goods and services in an attempt to make a profit.






__________ is where a person or people administer the practices of the business so that they can create the most efficient methods of operation possible.

Strategic management


Human resource management

Operations management


Operations management is most concerned with taking the goods, services, and people of an organization and converting them into:






__________ is the component of business that deals with the investment, financing, and dividend decisions of the organization.

Human resource management

Operations management

Strategic management

Finance and accounting


Sales is the component of business that actually receives __________ from the business’s customers.





4 erp case study:real-world case (oilco).


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Test your understanding of Module Four, and complete the Case 4-2 Real-World Case (OilCo). The case can be found in the Enterprise Systems for Management Textbook, pages 114–118.

1. Compare and contrast the implementation of OilCo and ExploreCo. What were the similarities and differences between the two implementations?

2. Why do you think the projects were successful? Was it the articulation of critical success factors (CSFs)? Was it their strategy of minimal customization? Or something else? Explain.

3. What can we learn from this case? Also, provide suggestions for improvements.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

 Case Assessment 

 Key ERP Features 

 Integration Solutions 

 Framework Purpose 

 Strengths 

 Weaknesses 


Your paper must be submitted as at least (4-5)-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Make sure you cite if you take a piece of someone’s work, very important and your reference should relate to your writing (don’t cite a reference because it relates to the course and not this very paper) at least 4 current and relevant academic references. No heavy paraphrasing of others work.

Body ritual among the nacirema

Click on https://www.msu.edu/~jdowell/miner.htmland read the article entitled “Body Ritual among the Nacirema.”

Write a 500-600 word response that answers the following questions:

  • Where do you think this society is located? (Consider the irony of the title before you answer.)
  • What do you think the author hopes to accomplish by having penned this article?
  • Do any aspects of Nacirema behavior seem pathological to you? Explain your reaction.
  • Can you think of any better way of handling the central concerns of the Nacirema?
  • How do you think recent arrivals to the U. S. from less developed nations feel about utilizing the healthcare system as depicted among the Nacirema?

6# | Computer Science homework help


1.Examine four mini case studies that highlight a variety of risks, challenges and success factors in implementation ERM frameworks and ERM transformation initiatives. 

Read the following chapters from book – ERM textbook (Fraser, J., Simkins, B., & Narvaez, K. (2014). Implementing enterprise risk management: Case studies and best practices. John Wiley & Sons.)

(Chapter 26: “Bim Consultants Inc.”, Chapter 27: “Nerds Galore” , Chapter 28: “The Reluctant General Counsel” ,Chapter 29: “Transforming Risk Management at Akawini Copper””)

This chapter readings focused on four mini-case studies with unique challenges presented that are highly relevant in the context of ERM. Provide a brief summary of each of the four case studies by discussing for each case what was the challenge presented and some strengths and weakness in the risk management approaches. Conclude your discussion, based on the case study from chapter 29 “Transforming Risk Management at Akawini Copper”, by providing your thoughts on risk management transformations, specifically discussing how we can monitor risk transformation progress and performance.(300 words)

2. Read Chapter 5 Advanced Analytics Theory and Methods: Association Rules (From: EMC Education Service (Eds). (2015) Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing, and Presenting Data, Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 9781118876138 )

Please provide an example of how market basket analysis is used by companies. What is the value of it? How does it relate to Big Data?(300 words)

Rhetorical analysis paper | English 2


You can choose from one of the attachments or link below to write this paper 

 A rhetorical analysis asks you to focus on the arguments presented in a text and evaluate the effectiveness of those arguments. The arguments might be overt, covert, intended, unintended, strong, and/or weak. Your task is to explain and evaluate the argument(s) to your reader. In this assignment you will select one text to summarize, explicate and analyze the argument(s) through the scope of rhetorical analysis. You need to use the evidence from the text to verify the claims you make and deliver clear and concise evaluations based on the evidence. You should review Everything’s an Argument for different ways to categorize and evaluate arguments. Remember, the rhetorical analysis paper goes beyond your personal feelings about a text and uses the tools developed in the class and the textbook to weigh the success of the arguments. 

Manuscript Format: Length

Rhetorical Analysis: 3-5 pages (be within this range) 

Reference List: Should include the primary text and any outside sources used. Font: You must use Times New Roman 12 point font. 

Margins: 1” (one inch) all around. Please double-check your settings in Word. The paper is double-spaced throughout. 

The primary format for this class is APA, and you should begin using the APA format in this first paper. Week 1 Rough Draft: You should seek to meet the full-length of the paper and you should primarily focus on analyzing the argument and establishing clear evaluative claims. 


Introduction to business essay | Economics homework help

The text defines the DGP as a measurement of economic activity. Think about other things that might “help” the GP that are really not good for our society in general, such as the economic activity required to clean up oil spills or increases in consumer debt to buy more goods. In addition, there are other situations that might “hurt” the GDP by limiting expenditures on items but help the overall good of society, such as reusing plastic bags or installing solar water heaters (thus limiting spending on oil, gas, or electricity). Discuss if the definition of GDP needs to be revised.

Formatting of Writing Assignments
Cover Sheet: Required.
Margins: 1 inch all sides.
Font: Times New Roman; 10 or 12 font.
Spacing: Double-spaced; left-justified.
Indenting: First line of each paragraph 1 inch.
References: Minimum of two per assignment from academic sources. You may use the LIRN library for additional resources.
Size: Content pages may not exceed 3 double-spaced pages, excluding Reference page & Cover Sheet. Content pages > 3 will be disregarded.

Informal proposal | English homework help

Assignment  : Short Reports: Informal, Unsolicited Proposal :

A proposal is a persuasive document written to convince a specific audience that what is proposed will benefit them by solving a problem or satisfying a need. A sales proposal offers to provide a specific product or service to a potential buyer. Therefore, your purpose for a sales proposal is to show your readers how you will help them and convince them that you are the right person or organization to provide the product or service.

Your proposal will be most effective if you support your assertions about the product or service with logical information such as facts, statistics, and examples. An emotional argument may assist you in convincing your readers, but don’t rely on it entirely. For example, fear may help sell health insurance but the benefits of the policy will convince the customer to buy.

Refer back to Chapters 9 & 11 on proposals and on writing persuasively for this assignment.


Develop an idea for a product (or service) and imagine that you are the business owner trying to convince a local retail outlet to carry (or use) it. Use the Internet and other resources if necessary to gather information about similar products or services. For example: If you’re interested in marketing a new energy drink, research existing companies for ideas to make your product realistic. Do NOT use an existing brand for your product/service; be creative and come up with your own idea.

Your task is to write an unsolicitedinformal sales proposal in letter format to the owner (or manager) of the business proposing that the item be stocked or that your service be used. 

Use the information you gathered to describe some of the product’s (or service’s) features and benefits to the business. Then make up some reasonable figures, highlighting what the item costs, what it can be sold for, and what services your company provides (return of unsold items, free replacement of unsatisfactory items, necessary repairs, and related issues). If you’re proposing a specific service also provide figures and contract terms.

Remember the specific purpose of your proposal is to convince a business to carry a particular product or use a particular service. To do this, you will want to consider the interests and concerns of your audience. Although your audience may not have an initial interest in your product, they are interested in marketing products that sell in sufficient volume and with sufficient markup to contribute to the store’s profit. If you’re proposing a service, then the audience will want to know how it will benefit their business in specific ways.

Prepare your proposal carefully. If readers approve the proposal, it forms the basis of a contract, so be certain to spell out precisely what your company will provide under specific terms and conditions.

Develop a product or service idea that you are truly interested in since your passion for what you have to offer will be apparent in your proposal. Proposing something that you really care about will make it both more enjoyable to write and more convincing to your audience.

The completed proposal should range from 3-4 pages in length in letter format, using single-spaced block paragraphs with double-spacing between each paragraph; also use subheadings to guide your reader through the proposal. This assignment is considered an informalproposal and so should NOTinclude prefatory or supplementary materials (title page, executive summary, appendices, etc.). examples are attached .