Choose One Of The Three Alternatives Described In Q5 For

Choose one of the three alternatives described in Q5 for use by your collaborative team. To do so, answer the following questions (if possible, answer these questions with your team):
a. Using your and your teammates’ answers to question CE2-2, create your team’s list of requirements.
b. Create a list of criteria for selecting collaboration tools and creating a collaboration IS. Start with the items in the first column of Figure CE2-21, but add, modify, or delete items depending on your answer to question CE2-3a.
c. Score the three alternatives in Q5 against your requirements and your criteria. If you wish, change any of the elements of those three alternatives to create a fourth alternative. Score it as well.
d. Based on your answer to question CE2-3c, select a collaboration tool set. Explain your selection.
e. Given your answer to question CE2-3d, how will you construct your collaboration IS? Specifically, what procedures will you need to develop and how will your team members obtain training? Will you need to have any special jobs or roles for your team members? If so, describe them.

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